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152 Heal Your Hunger with Tricia Nelson

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Stress, anxiety, deadlines–life’s unexpected twists and turns. When the universe hits you hard, it’s easy to want to turn to the things that comfort us. What better comfort could there be than food—the thing that sustains and re-energizes us. For those of you whose comfort-eating has turned to emotional eating, you might be dealing with skin problems, weight gain, and fatigue. You’ve tried diets, exercise regimens, and every pill on the market, and still, nothing works. You find that if you have a bad day, you reach for the ice cream before you know what’s happening.

What’s the solution? Can there be an end to the emotional eating cycle? This week, Tricia Nelson, author, and reformed emotional eater talks about Healing Your Hunger. Tricia knows that there is a spiritual and mental root to our emotional eating that no diet plan could ever address. At one point in her life, Tricia was ready to give up. Nothing worked for her until she found her coach and later husband Roy who led her towards spiritual healing. Now Tricia writes and shares her many years of knowledge and experience to help you heal your emotional eating habits TODAY.

Sound good right? Well, there is so much more here than you realize! Listen to this week’s episode to start healing right now.



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Show Notes:

  • Tricia shares her story of growing up an emotional eater.
  • The transformation that happens through mentorship.
  • Getting to the heart of why diets fail.
  • Over-eaters and over-doers.
  • Gaining weight triggers a sense of desperation. Quick-fix mentality makes sense, but it’s not helpful!
  • There is a fear of being fat.
  • The difference between food addicts and emotional eaters.
  • The ways we use food to combat life’s biggest problems.
  • Managing stress before it drives us to the kitchen.
  • Tips for staying centered.
  • Seek help in your recovery process! You don’t have to do it alone.



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