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153 Yoga for Every Body with Jessamyn Stanley

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I have been a student of yoga since I was a wee child! Yoga has changed over the last 40 years and it’s becoming much more mainstream. My guest today is Jessamyn Stanley. She’s an amazing yoga teacher and she is a body positive advocate, who is here today to explain exactly why yoga is for EVERYBODY! Don’t buy into those stereotypes that yoga is only for certain types of people. It’s truly beneficial for any body type. Don’t forget to check out Jessamyn’s new book, Every Body Yoga!


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Show Notes:

  • The media definition of beautiful isn’t what most people look like.
  • We can’t spend our whole lives looking for self-acceptance in the face of others.
  • We embrace the negative body comments, rather than embracing the good things about our bodies.
  • Through documenting her yoga practice in photos, Jessamyn realized she was talking shit to herself.
  • Before practicing yoga, Jessamyn never realized that she was sabotaging herself with negative body talk.
  • Social media contributes to the compare and despair mindset.
  • Yoga is about finding your inner truth, not finding self-acceptance through approval of your physical body.
  • You have to embrace that your body can be different and doesn’t have to look like everyone else.
  • Accepting your body needs to be a daily occurrence.
  • There is no shame is using a block in order to get into a yoga pose, if you have a problem with it, that is an ego issue and needs to be dealt with.
  • Jessmyn’s story is the story of everyone who has ever hated their body.



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