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157 Your Quest for Personal Growth is Not Irresponsible

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Hi, I’m Alex!

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If you’ve been listening to this show, you know that it’s all about helping us, as women, to create our own rules in life…but why should we care about that? Well, there are many reasons and the truth of it is that most of us are really suffering, from trying to live life by someone else’s rules. We tend to live with false beliefs that make our lives really hard, pulling us right out of alignment and causing us to live in an inauthentic way. So, last week, Alex decided to put the question out on Facebook and Instagram, to find out from all you Rulers out there, which rules, norms or social constructs you see people following, that actually make them miserable. She got a really huge response, so listen in now, as she shares some of the rules that you, as listeners, would like to erase, or rewrite.

Did you know that your quest for personal growth, healing, and wholeness is truly not irresponsible? Alex gets a lot of emails about the crippling self-doubt that so many women experience around this and so today, she shares four truths with you, that are going to help you to stop feeling greedy, or selfish about your self-growth. In the years since Alex came out as no longer vegan, she has experienced a lot of criticism. She’s also written her fourth book, Women, Food And Desire, which is all about her own self-growth, healing, and her Spiritual journey. Since writing it, she’s had a number of great comments from other women (and a few cool guys) about their yearning to be brave enough to do as she’s endeavoured to do and make their own rules in life… but  they really agonise that they might appear irresponsible, selfish or even self-indulgent, in doing so! So, listen in as Alex shares four truths with you today, about your desired personal growth, and about how responsible it really is, for you to pursue this.

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Show Notes:

  • What would it be like to be Spirit lead and in connection with our own truth in every moment?
  • Do we have to put on a brave face, even if we’re dying inside?
  • A great new idea for a meaningful gift:- Give gift certificates from the Buy Nothing Day Committee, to allow your family to opt out from having to buy you presents.
  • Not everyone should become a parent.
  • Are all women maternal and are all men competitive?
  • Alex shares a letter from one of her listeners, about her ongoing journey from self-doubt, towards self-acceptance.
  • The kind of self-talk that asks “Who do you think you are to….?”
  • The one false belief that causes us all so much self-doubt and makes us think that our quest for self-growth is irresponsible.
  • The Heroine’s Journey, or any Spiritual quest, begins with a desire for something more.
  • You are already a unique and Divine being- so own it!
  • A Divine Quest is not easy.
  • Spiritual, personal growth, and healing is not selfish!
  • If you show up whole, everyone around you benefits.
  • The amazing qualities of the people who believe in their wholeness.
  • Alex still has a few applications open for her high-level Body And Soul one on one coaching this year, so go check out her site at or at Remember that applying doesn’t commit you to anything.


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