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160: Unchained Confidence

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Hi, I’m Alex!

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Do you feel ashamed because you really enjoy being physically stimulated, or aroused? Do you yearn to be truly free and authentically powerful? If so, you will really gain a lot from today’s show, because this show is a special message to any woman, anyone who identifies as a woman, or even any man, who struggles with confidence and with feelings of shame, around physical pleasure. So, listen in now, to find out more.

Alex has some very personal stories to share with you today. These stories are about areas that she has had to heal, within herself, in order to be able to really enjoy living in her body. She also has a couple of questions for you, because this show is about bringing to light the invisible chains that keep most of us from fully experiencing the pleasure that we all really deserve to feel. Listen in and learn to relax and fully enjoy who you are and all that you’re capable of experiencing.

Music Credit: My good friend Lindsay Katt – https://lindsaykatt.bandcamp.com/track/stick-by-me

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Show Notes:

  • Alex asks a question about feeling safe enough to feel and be sexy.
  • Alex shares a couple of stories from her teenage years, that might really resonate with you.
  • Alex shares another, more recent story, about something that happened while she was in Amsterdam, with her husband, having a second honeymoon.
  • An attitude that Alex is currently working on perfecting.
  • The Divine confidence and freedom that’s needed, to really enjoy being fully present, in your body, in the moment.
  • The freedom and energy that Alex felt, from becoming totally unafraid of any thoughts that could come her way.
  • How much pleasure are we really cutting ourselves off from, through fear of what others may think of us?
  • How the invisible chains keep us hemmed in and unable to fully express ourselves.
  • The self-defeating ways in which many women express their rebelliousness.
  • One of the greatest, uncommon skills that women need to cultivate, to be truly free.
  • Alex’s challenge for you, the listener.
  • Some tips from Alex, to help you with her challenge.



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