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162 What’s Your Type A Hiding?

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Hi, I’m Alex!

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Do you, as a woman, feel unsafe or unprotected in your body? Do you feel scared or anxious lately and find yourself eating too much and putting on weight? If so, it’s hardly surprising, because there’s a lot happening in the country right now, that makes us feel really vulnerable and there have been some shocking things happening in the news lately that we really need to talk about. Recently, a man in Michigan who raped a very young woman (a twelve-year-old girl, actually), has won joint custody of the child of the victim! This case is one the first of it’s kind, however, due to there being no laws at all preventing rapists from asserting their parental rights over a child in seven states- including Michigan, this is unlikely to be the last. Listen in as Alex shares a little of what happened, in this outrageous example of how women are really left unprotected lately and of how women’s rights really are under attack currently, with children even being thrown into the mix.

Are you a micro-managing Mama who feels ashamed that your outer success feels inauthentic to you?  Are you frustrated because you can’t manage your own diet when you are managing a huge multi-million dollar portfolio for your company?  Or do you feel secretly jealous of the women who really seem to have it all figured out? If so, Alex can really relate! She ‘had it all’ and still couldn’t relax.  She used to be a control freak and she really tried to do it all herself. She copied everyone’s systems and followed the rules to the letter- she was a real Type A Girl and it worked, but only for a while. Then she would either sabotage herself, or things would just stop working. Listen in to find out what Alex discovered, about getting graceful with change and about what really will happen to you, if you unshackle your innate desires and start honoring your inner wildness.

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Show Notes:

  • How Alex felt unworthy and undeserving, even though her success was affirmed by people like Oprah and she was part of an Oscar-nominated team.
  • How Alex was holding on too tight when what she really needed was some space, silence, and flow.
  • The way that feminine cycles flow.
  • Some ways for you to see that your Type A controlling vibe is no longer working.
  • The pressure to be perfect.
  • What you can do, to get graceful with change.
  • The typical ways that we tend to suffer, as Type A’s.
  • How our Type A suffering typically shows up.
  • The wild, she-wolf that resides inside of us.
  • The dangerous desires that we hold, deep inside of us.
  • The truth about honoring your wildness.
  • The non-food desires that your body really craves.
  • Finding the strength to live your life authentically.
  • The Mistress Mind, a small group coming up, where Alex will be leading women through a year-long journey. If this speaks to you, write to Alex at hello@alexandrajamieson.com and let her know that you’re interested.


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