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164 Vibe: An Interview with Robyn Openshaw

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Are you in touch with the vibes that are going on all the time, all around you? Do you really understand what it means, when people talk about vibrations? If you’re not entirely sure, listen in, because today we’re interviewing Robyn Openshaw, who has recently written her fifteenth book, called Vibe, which is all about personal vibrations and energy patterns. Today Robyn will help you to see that all matter really is vibration– and, in fact, so are we. Listen in today, to this really informative and uplifting interview with Robyn and you will come to realize that it really is possible for you to change your state- and your life, simply by recognizing that everything really is vibration.

With all that’s been going on in the news recently, Alex has felt a bit stymied, because it’s really hard to know what to talk about, or what to do to combat this difficult situation. We really do have to talk about it though, because this show is all about bringing to light the things that are stuck. It’s also about providing a safe place for us all to connect and it’s about bringing in some expert voices, to help us to find new ways of living and thinking about things, so that we can ultimately change the culture that we’re living in and also the way that we treat ourselves, especially as women. On today’s show, we talk about Harvey Weinstein and about what’s going on in the White House administration currently. We also discuss the way that we talk about other women and judge them when we really need to be offering our support. Listen in now!

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Show Notes:

  • The secret stories of so many beautiful women actresses, about the amount of misogyny and sexism that they’ve had to deal with in Hollywood.
  • The rape culture that we currently live in.
  • The overwhelming number of stories that have come out recently, from women accusing Harvey Weinstein of abusing, or threatening them.
  • The #metoo movement, on Social Media, where women are sharing their astounding stories of sexual pressure and abuse.
  • The judgment, shame, and disbelief that so many women face when coming out publicly, with their stories of abuse.
  • Something very pertinent, written by Jackson Katz.
  • The importance of the way that we talk about these things.
  • An incredible piece, written by Caroline Orr, called Why Do Women Point Fingers, where she talks about the benevolent patriarchy, on (Look up Caroline Orr).
  • We, as women really need to believe each other and stand up for one another.
  • Why you really, really need to support Planned Parenthood!
  • Some quotes from famous scientists, proving that everything really is vibration.
  • What it really means to have intuitive or empathic skills.
  • Where quantum physics is showing up, lately, in modern western medicine.
  • How you can actually measure the electro-magnetic fields, emanated from people, either with high or with low vibrations.
  • Robyn’s book really gives people a language to explain what they’re talking about through legitimate, scientifically proven principles of quantum physics.
  • Robyn gives the background behind how she developed an interest in the energies of the universe.
  • What the Vibrational Quotient, as described in Robyn’s book, is all about.
  • The research of Bruce Tainio, proving that we really are magnetic beings.
  • The choices that we make start changing, once we start to recognize ourselves as electrical and magnetic beings.
  • A substance of a higher frequency can actually cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase- and how this applies to us, as people.
  • The really low vibrational frequencies of junk food and the way that it affects you as a being.
  • Ways to eat, to keep your vibration up- and you don’t have to be a vegan to be really healthy.
  • What it means to shift into neutral.
  • Taking yourself out of your Limbic Brain.
  • Metabolising your negative emotions with Robyn’s six questions.
  • The real cost of having to be right.
  • Why you really need to learn to let go.
  • What alcohol does to your vibe.
  • Some of the practices and substances that actually raise your vibration. (Go to
  • A link for you to take the quiz to check your vibration:
  • Six things you can do at once, to make a dramatic difference to your energy.



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