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166 How Women Get Power with Kasia Urbaniak

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Have you ever been left feeling small, or unsafe, due to a sexually suggestive comment? Did you perhaps dismiss the comment, because you weren’t entirely sure of the intention behind it? Or have you ever wanted an apology, only to wind up apologizing yourself? If so, you could be ready for some training for those really awful, speechless moments, because these problems all tend to follow similar communication patterns that could render you, as a woman, totally speechless. Today, Alex will be talking with Kasia Urbaniak, a really incredible woman and a teacher who is doing something truly unique, in training women specifically for those speechless moments with her Verbal Self Defense Camp, for women. This training is not only verbal, it’s physical too and it’s for those moments where you just go blank, shut down and hope for the best. This kind of Self Defense has really become so necessary in this age of the Harvey Weinsteins because never before have so many women given a public voice to the locked in private pains that they’ve been carrying around for so long.  Today, on the show, we will be talking about Kasia’s training and also the upcoming workshop at The Academy, called Cornering Harvey. Listen in now, to find out more.

Kasia is the Founder and CEO of The Academy, in New York City and she has taught some of the most powerful women, in the world today. Kasia teaches women how to expand their personal power and influence and also how to ask for anything they want, in any area of their life. Kasia began working with private clients in 2010 and then, in 2014, she opened The Academy to the public. She’s been a Speaker at conferences, corporations and academic institutions around the world, including the Yale University School Of Management. Kasia spent fifteen years studying Power Dynamics, with teachers from across the globe. She also studied Taoist Alchemy in one of the oldest female monasteries in China and she has dozens of certifications in different disciplines, including Medical Chi Gong and Systemic Constellations. Listen in today, to find out how to become powerfully empowered.

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Show Notes:

  • What Kasia teaches women, in a nutshell.
  • Kasia’s life and studies through her self-led adventure.
  • Some of the fears that bring women to Kasia, for her help in overcoming them.
  • Really understanding power.
  • The difference between power and empowerment.
  • Accepting all the aspects of yourself, in order to be truly powerful.
  • A quote from an article written by screenwriter Britt Marling.
  • Kasia’s class called Cornering Harvey.
  • Changing your body’s biochemistry, to overcome the state of not knowing what to say.
  • The different ways that boys and girls tend to be rewarded.
  • What Kasia understands about trauma.
  • Getting to really feel the felt sense, in your body.


To find out about more about The Academy’s workshop, which is coming up, called Cornering Harvey- A Verbal Self Defense Training Camp For Women, which will be on Friday, 1st of December, in New York City, go to

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