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169 How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

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What in the world has you feeling like shit? We all have our vices and our habits, but have you ever stopped to think that these habits we form over time might eventually stop serving our happiness? What if those things we think are protecting our happiness are actually making us feel like shit? We are women who feel deeply and want to embrace happiness, but there are things in our lives that keep us from going at happiness with everything that we’ve got. That is exactly what my friend and guest, Andrea Owen, is talking about in her new book How To Stop Feeling Like Shit.

Are you ready for a truth bomb or two today? Andrea lays it all out there as she shares her toughest moments, her biggest heartbreaks, and then her mightiest triumphs. We get real about numbing mechanisms, the many faces of perfectionism, and what we can do about those things. It’s time for us to own our shit, and embrace the hard work of healing. Now is time to start. You’ll be ready after listening to this conversation with Andrea.

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Show Notes:

  • Andrea shares all about her inspiration for her book.
  • All the shitty things that led Andrea to her bottom, and what eventually allowed her to heal and grow.
  • Not being able to trust herself was the biggest setback for Andrea growing up.
  • Becoming a life coach was healing.
  • Get to know some of the things you think are protecting you, but are actually making you feel like shit.
  • Reaching out to your girls and your most trusted friends and family can help you be awesome.
  • The book sets people up to have higher level conversations and relationships.
  • The people=pleasers and approval seekers are everywhere. Maybe it’s you?
  • Boundaries are important! How do we navigate these difficult waters?
  • Control and Knowing Everything go hand-in-hand.
  • How I have tried to cure my chronic controlling.
  • Trust and surrender are difficult lessons to learn.
  • How to get involved with Andrea’s online book club.


How To Stop Feeling Like Shit

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