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171 Terri Cole Replay – Creating Gratitude, Boundaries and Confidence

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Do you ever feel fearful?

Do you wish you could kick that feeling?

Today we explore fear and provide tools to free ourselves from it. The solution is all about drawing firm emotional boundaries and we bring in the expert.

Terri Cole is a transformational coach, psychotherapist and advisor to celebrities. She is world class in defining and extinguishing fear. She is also a close friend of mine.

In this episode, we explore the commonality of these feelings and offer a toolkit to conquer fear, speak authentically and feel confident.

Especially during the holiday season.

Music Credit: My good friend Lindsay Katt –

Show Highlights:

•Why we regress so much over the holiday season

•Understanding the ‘holiday pre-game’

•How Terri empowers her clients

•The importance of drawing boundaries and ways to help you draw your own boundaries

•How Terri differentiated her tribe

•The first step to feeling confident

•Questions to discover if you have the ‘disease to please’

•How to avoid being provoked into old behavior

•The most important person align

•How Terri invites her clients to start moving into their higher self, behaviorally and energetically

How to learn to trust yourself and just freak’n say it!

•If we have good boundaries we attract the right people

•Resilience and how it helped Terri’s own health journey

•What Terri discovered as her most important feeling

•The real meaning behind true self care

•Plugging deep into gratitude

•Terri’s confidence ideas to kick those nasty comfort food cravings

•A kick ass analogy for the holiday season

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•Read The Lara Touch article – How to protect yourself from negative energy

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