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174 Raise Your Vibrations with Penney Peirce

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2018 has already proved to be a year of challenge and transformation. I am going to start the year off from an admittedly vulnerable position, but isn’t that what this Podcast is all about? This season has proven to be exceptionally difficult for my family, but I know that the Her Rules Radio community will rally around me. I hope that by sharing my own struggles, I will inspire you to embrace yourself through difficulties. Yes, I have been harboring a lot of bad feelings. I’ve been judging another woman and withholding forgiveness. Listen as I share exactly why I decided forgiveness was within my power, and how it has freed me from so much I cannot control.

Continuing on the theme of vulnerability and transformation, I have invited Penney Peirce onto the show today. Where can I begin with someone like Penney? She is the author of so many incredible books that have personally changed my life, but the most recent is Transparency. Penney encourages and teaches women from all walks of life about the energies and frequencies that we can tap into if we only know where to look. The world is changing, and we are entering the Age of Intuition and Insight. Penney will break that down for you in an incredibly accessible way.

It’s not just all lofty thoughts and new ideals for Penney. No, along the way, Penney will share practical tools that you can use to transform your mind, your body, and your relationships. The most powerful and healing thing we can do is love ourselves well. Penney is teaching us to unlock our energy, glean new understanding, and have compassion during life’s hardest challenges. Yes, it is paradoxical to be thriving and struggling at the same time. Yes, we can both trust that the Soul is speaking and still be listening for new answers. Now is your best opportunity to tap into your untold promise. I am so excited for you to get your hands on all of Penney’s wisdom. It might just change everything for you.


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Show Notes:

  • I kick off 2018 with a hard, but beautiful lesson learned in the midst of family crisis.
  • Penney shares all about how she developed her books, as well as her newest one, Transparency.
  • What it means to live in a post-Truth world.
  • Digging into the world of paradox.
  • Learn all the mental, physical, and financial reasons to practice transparency.
  • See how to admit to the fullness of your greatness, while embracing humility.
  • The practical aspects of Transparency.
  • We must learn to trust the process and trust ourselves.
  • Women must learn to sustain on their own power.
  • Seek out relationships with people who are on your frequency.
  • Penney addresses the growing hunger for transparency and healing.
  • If she could rewrite a rule, Penney would transform women into truth-speakers.




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Transparency by Penney Peirce:


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