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177 Sex Tech Boss Babes Polly Rodriguez and Suzanne Sinatra

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It’s time for women to start supporting other women who are pioneers in any industry. Today, let’s have a little fun and let loose with two different ladies who have started their own businesses in the sex tech industry. I’ll be chatting it up with Polly Rodriguez and Suzanne Sinatra about self-love and good, clean sexual health. Both of these ladies own thriving businesses that are working to change the way we think and talk about sexual health. I’m excited for you to hear all about their struggles and triumphs during each of their journeys.

First up is Polly, from Unbound Babes. I’ve come to know and love the Unbound Box, and I know you will too. Polly is committed to enabling women to feel safe and comfortable with their sexuality. She accomplishes this in two major ways. First, she ensures that all of her partners are manufacturing toys and lube with safe, sustainable products. Second, she is using Unbound Babes to educate women from all walks of life in just about every area of sexuality. Today, we are chatting about how Unbound Babes came to be. You will hear the amazing way Polly took a stand for women every by returning money to an investor who sexually assaulted women. She is bravely proclaiming that women should be able to define their own sexuality. Polly is changing the narrative about female sexuality with amazing products you are sure to enjoy.

Next up is Suzanne Sinatra, who is working tirelessly to get a product to market that I believe will change the lives of countless women. After a Brazilian gone wrong, Suzanne saw a need for a cooling pack shaped to fit the female anatomy. After doing some digging, she realized that product didn’t exist…yet! Suzanne began work developing Private Packs, designed to comfortably and conveniently provide either cooling or heat to your vaginal area. She is working to ensure her product will fit every woman, but the process hasn’t been easy. Her recent diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer certainly put a dent in her plans. Even undergoing treatment, Suzanne is still committed to getting this product to market. Women experience pain down there all the time. We are ready for something that will serve our needs, and Private Packs are it!

I challenge you to support your fellow females and buy your sex goodies from women-owned businesses. Your purchase declares that you stand by what these ladies have fought so hard to achieve.


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Show Notes:

  •  Polly explains the opportunities for pleasure available when we explore our bodies.
  • Learn how Unbound Babe is educating clients in the middle ground about sexuality.
  • Understanding the toxins that might be in your lube or vibrator.
  • Polly is committed to making products that are body safe.
  • Hear how Polly is educating us on the emotional side of sex.
  • Founding a startup is exhausting and Polly has faced many hurdles. See how she handled it!
  • Female sexuality seems to be the problem.
  • Polly shares her best advice about Valentine’s Day, and how Unbound Babes can help you celebrate.
  • Suzanne shares her journey to develop Private Packs.
  • After needing a cool pack for her vagina and finding none, Suzanne knew she needed to develop something.
  • Suzanne is encountering manufacturing setbacks but is confident that her company launch can happen soon.
  • Suzanne’s identity was shaken once she got a cancer diagnosis.
  • All of the male investors have been in favor of developing Private Packs, but she is seeing resistance to female investors.
  • Learn what’s next for Private Packs and Suzanne’s business adventure.
  • No two vaginas are the same. It’s important to embrace our bodies as they are.


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