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182 The Life Changing Truth About Your Cravings

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It’s time to get real about our cravings. I get so many questions from my lovely listeners about how to understand, dismantle, and learn from your cravings, so I wanted to spend some time discussing it on the show. So, let’s think about it: What do you most crave? Is it really that peanut butter cup you have stashed at your desk? Is it really your desire to leave your partner or quit your job? No, it is probably not that. Let’s dive in together to see what a craving really is, and how they are the secret signals showcasing what our bodies truly hunger for.

Cravings are powerful desires. We all have them. We want to feel whole, alive, and satisfied, so oftentimes we start craving things when our needs are not met. Today, I am going to break down some of womankind’s most sinister cravings, why we tend to fall for fatty food traps, and how we can break the cycle. When you start listening to your inner wisdom and asking your body what vital needs are going unmet, you will start to understand that cravings are not demons for you to fight off. They are messages we can hear and interpret with confidence.

What happens when you break the cycle and come to a new understanding of your cravings? I’ve seen it time and time again—you will thrive! Suddenly, instead of turning to the salted caramel brownie to satisfy, you can feed your hunger and satisfy yourself. You can make wise and healthy choices that leave you fulfilled rather than filled. You will experience food and life as it was meant to be! I am excited to share this journey with you, and rest assured this is only the beginning. Join me today as we dismantle our cravings and discover our confidence.

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Show Notes:

  • Let’s dig into why we need to talk about cravings.
  • The most common places we turn to fill our cravings.
  • What we want most of all is to feel alive and satisfied.
  • Learn to listen to your cravings and honor them.
  • Cravings are complicated! Let’s untangle them together.
  • Diets don’t work because they don’t teach us to listen to our bodies.
  • We have been taught to ignore or deny our cravings.
  • Why do cravings lead us to unhealthy things?
  • Lessons learned from work with my own clients.
  • Our food is engineered for us to feel pleasure.
  • There is so much power in suggestion.
  • Learn all about the anatomy of cravings.
  • Good food is the solution to our food cravings.
  • Eating regularly and mindfully is the only way to satisfy our bodies.



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