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183 Impact Millions with Your Voice with Selena Soo

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It is important that women have more money in their hands. Everything changes when we do. Movements are started, families thrive, and whole communities are transformed before our eyes. We need to be supporting the women in our lives who are running businesses and organizations. Maybe you are a female entrepreneur who might need a little capital to get going or have a service that you know is going to make a difference in the world. How can we support your hard work if we don’t know about it? This is where someone like Selena Soo swoops in and saves the day.

Selena Soo is my PR heroine, and she wants everyone to feel like they have an actual platform from which to share their message and provide their services. I know for a fact that Selena’s relationship building and network expanding powers are the real deal because she worked with me to promote my own book! Women, Food, and Desire would not be the success it is today without Selena, so of course, I wanted to have her on the show today to talk about Impact Millions.

Impact Millions is Selena’s latest and greatest online course where you get all of her secrets to amazing publicity for your next project or business. In these live classes, Selena will share her secrets to building valuable relationships and how we can support one another in the process. Above all, Selena is running a heart-centered operation that helps creative women, like me and you, reach a broader audience. Today, Selena is going to share her own journey, her moments of struggle, and, ultimately, her moments of success.

We all need a hand now and again, and if women are going to start earning money for themselves, we need to start by supporting one another. It’s time to take your big vision and turn it into a realistic goal. Selena Soo can certainly help you with that!

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Show Notes:

  • Why it is important for women to have more money.
  • The statistics about women and community.
  • More money does not always equal more problems.
  • Hear the inspiring story of how Selena grew her business to the size it is today.
  • How Selena creates great relationships and cultivates PR by overcoming her fear of public speaking.
  • Why you need an “Influencer List” and which people should be on it!
  • Strategies you can use to build valuable relationships.
  • What would Selena Soo Do?
  • How Selena uses publicity to promote her own business.
  • The undue pressures we place on ourselves when we want to be liked.
  • Constantly lean on your network for help.
  • Be genuine, warm, and authentic.
  • How Impacting Millions is helping entrepreneurs and writers get their message out there.
  • Feeling like a hidden gem? Impacting Millions is for you.
  • Different types of publicity are better for different businesses.
  • Document your failures as well as your successes.



Impacting Millions 


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