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185 Habits to Fix Your Body and Life

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Today’s show is going to be worth the investment of your time! Exciting things are going on at Her Rules Radio! I’m happy to announce that we are going to begin podcasting very soon from The Wing in downtown Brooklyn – it’s an amazing co-working space and I can’t be more excited!

Habits are so important to your health and success. There is so much that we now understand about the psychology of our brain and how habits are formed. Today, we are taking a deep dive into how you can create habits that improve your life. We are creatures of habit, so we have to pay attention how to reframe them.

There are a lot of reasons that we develop habits. Some of them come from cravings that we give in to. Smoking is a habit that is developed and your brain wants to be soothed by it. These habits exert so much control over people that we actually build our lives around the habit. Today we’re talking about how to use your biological cravings to develop habits that help you create the life you love.

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Show Notes:

  • Up to 40% of our daily actions are habits.
  • We can repeat habits without brain power – we are on autopilot.
  • Habits are actions without thoughts.
  • How much of our day is spent operating with no awareness?
  • When we think about and examine our actions, we can change habits.
  • Women harbor shame around how we relate to food by ourselves.
  • What feelings are we not dealing with by stuffing ourselves with food?
  • Listen to Patricia’s story of replacing her mindless eating with new habits.
  • You are only as sick as your secrets.
  • Tracking your habits can help you understand what it does to you.
  • Sugar was my drug when I wasn’t being mindful.
  • Changing just one habit can really improve your life in dramatic ways.
  • Don’t break habits; transform them!




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