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186 Smart Women Read Sexy Stories

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We often talk about breaking the rules around sexual health on the show, but sexual health is about more than safe sex and reproductive rights. It is time that we start talking about our attitudes towards sex as well. Now, more than ever before, female sexuality has been the focal point of breaking news stories and scandals. The world is buzzing about female sexual health, so we need to raise our voices above the buzz! It’s time female sexual attitudes are taken seriously.

Women need a safe place to discuss and explore their sexuality. Sex toys and erotica have long been a huge facet of our complicated sexuality. You just needed to know where to look for it. This is why I am so excited to tell you all about Bawdy Bookworms, and the amazing, liberating work that founder Thien-Kim Lam is doing with it. Bawdy Bookworms is delivering high-quality erotica, toys, and experiences right to you with their quarterly boxes. Thien-Kim reads every book and selects every item that goes into each box, ensuring that the products you get are safe, enjoyable, and female friendly. You can be confident you are getting only the best from Bawdy Bookworms.

Bawdy Bookworms explores just about every avenue of sexuality you can imagine. From kinks to toys and so much more, Thien-Kim and her Bawdy Bookworms club are celebrating sexuality of all kinds. Each box is specially curated to celebrate a different theme each quarter, and I can’t wait to share with you what I got in my box! Thien-Kim and I will also discuss why it is important for us to be discussing female sexuality, and how we can participate in the conversation in a positive way. When we are better able to explore our own sexuality, we can encourage other women to do the same. Change is happening, so let’s be a part of it!

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Show Notes:

  • The state of affairs with sexual health in our society at large.
  • Thien-Kim and I dish all about our early encounters with erotic fiction.
  • What it was like to be an immigrant daughter and using books as sexual education.
  • Young girls are curious about pleasure and sexuality.
  • Let’s get a working definition of “kink.”
  • Discover all you need to know about Bawdy Bookworms and how it can help you explore the wider world of erotica.
  • What came inside my own Bawdy Bookworm box.
  • How we can deal with shame and guilt with sexual pleasure.
  • Bawdy Bookworms chooses products that are empowering to women.
  • Breaking down the male gaze.
  • Thien-Kim shares how every product and is chosen and scrutinized for body friendliness and themes for the box.
  • The future for Thien-Kim and Bawdy Bookworms.
  • Get involved in the Bawdy Bookworms book club.
  • Find out how to order your box of goodies!





















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