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187 Brain Body Connection: Self Hate to Self Love

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There’s a lot of life going on around you, and the world is sending you messages about what you should look like and how you can feel. Somewhere along the way, we have started believing those messages rather than trusting our own intuition. Our society defers its happiness to the experts and their data. We have forgotten how to trust our intuition. It is time to fight for your right to love your body, and I’m going to show you how. 

Our brains and bodies need to reconnect so we can have the life and the body that we truly deserve. You can boost your confidence as you learn to check in with your body and trust the messages it gives you. Like a Life Coach in your ears, I will show you 6 ways that you can get out of negative body talk and accept yourself where you are today. These tools are simple, uplifting, and designed to keep your heart centered on how beautiful you truly are right now. 

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Show Notes:

  • Learn from Lisa, a client of mine, who learned how to love herself fully. 
  • Sick and tired of feeling low, Lisa wanted to reconnect with her strong, sexy, energized self. 
  • Our culture prizes analysis over intuition. 
  • How to divide your brain and your body. 
  • Confidence is required for a beautiful body image. 
  • It is a painful process, but body positivity is possible. 
  • Lisa’s authentic transformation was possible. 
  • What happens when we don’t love our bodies. 
  • A test for understanding what your “Bitch Brain” is saying to you. 
  • Make a list of 10 things you love about your body. 
  • Refrain from criticizing anyone else’s physique. 
  • Listen to how your body feels. 
  • Give yourself a vacation from rigid diets and exercise programs. 



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