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The world gets better when women make money, but so often we are held back by limiting beliefs about money. Women rarely see money as a tool to improve their lives. Instead, it either strikes us with cold fear or hot anger. Here to help us sort out our money mindset issues is Belinda Rosenblum. Belinda is a rare returning guest and a longtime friend of mine. She revamped her financial coaching business after becoming a mother, and I admire her so much for pursuing both her life as a mother and as a business owner with excellence. 

Today, Belinda is going to walk us through some of the most inspiring financial transformations she has seen in her years as a financial coach. In each situation, Belinda was able to help her clients gain clarity over their financial reality, and then break down the limiting beliefs that keep them in the dark. She will also teach us about the four steps she uses to evaluate personal finances: mindset and earning, tracking and spending, credit and debt, then saving and investing. 

I know you are going to benefit so much from Belinda’s wisdom and obvious passion. She is one of the leaders out there making a way for women to be empowered through their finances. If you are ready for a little bit of peace with your money mindset, this is the episode for you! 

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Show Notes:

  • Belinda shares how she adjusted her business in order to have children and her business. 
  • How Belinda can help you through any financial stress. 
  • We need to learn the rules around money.
  • Why our money makes us vulnerable. 
  • What we can learn from our money story and our limiting beliefs around money. 
  • A simple exercise you can do to change your money mindset. 
  • Go on a “Money Date.” 
  • Stories of women who have changed their lives by letting go of fear. 
  • Dig into how mindset affects earning. 
  • Have you thought about what you are earning?
  • The tools Belinda can give you to manage your money mindset. 
  • Common money leaks. 
  • How to get a full picture of your credit and debt. 
  • Saving and investing is the last step in the money management process. 
  • How to have extra cash at the end of every month!


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