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190 How to BE in Your Body

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If you were being honest with yourself, could you honestly say that you love every inch of your body? For many women, the last thing we would ever want in this world is to accept the body we are in. Instead, we want to sculpt, starve, and stretch our bodies into some ultimate ideal. What if I told you that body positivity and self-love didn’t have to come after a total body transformation? Let’s learn to love ourselves by being in our bodies. 

Today, I am going to give you some of my very best advice and solid strategies to help you be in your body. I could go on and on about the subject because I honestly believe it is the key to better health and a life full of happiness. From small mindset shifts to easy exercises to build into your daily routine, get ready to increase your body love and transform your self-image without ever lifting a weight. 

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Show Notes:

  • I am most comfortable in my skin when I am in motion. 
  • The lessons I learned by biking my son to school. 
  • Injuries and pain make it more difficult to love our bodies as we are developing. 
  • How yoga helped my young healing process. 
  • Your body knows danger is lurking. 
  • The tools I used in the midst of panic to be in my body. 
  • Meridian tapping can help with food cravings. 
  • How to identify toxic thoughts. 
  • Pilates helped me come back to life.
  • The next evolution of being in my body has been dance.



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