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191 Get Pregnant The New Old Fashioned Way

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, I have an episode for you all about how to take care of Mama…even before she ever conceives. Ladies, you have more control over your fertility and the health outcomes of your children than you realize. It is high time we talk about pre-pregnancy, and the easy, practical steps you can take to increase your fertility naturally and improve your future children’s lives. 

Many women feel out of control when it comes to preventing or enabling pregnancy, but not everything is up to chance. Today on the show I have two special ladies who are on a mission to empower women through education. Alexandria DeVito MS, CNS and Sarah Rahal, MD are the co-founders of Xandara. Xandara focuses on improving women’s health and lifestyle so that it improves her natural fertility. They are here to help you through the overwhelm and give you the power to control the fertility process. 

Today, we are busting myths and breaking rules about fertility. You have choices. You have control. Alexandria and Sarah are going to tell you how! 

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Show Notes:

  • Learn how you can contribute to Black Mama’s Bailout. 
  • Alexandria and Sarah are on a mission to educate women about the realities of sexual health. 
  • Alexandria and Sarah both have a unique perspective to bring to the table. 
  • Our genes don’t tell us as much about our traits as we thought they would. 
  • The influence of the environment is such an under served area of research. 
  • The ladies weigh in on egg freezing. 
  • You have more control over your fertility and your children’s health outcomes than you realize. 
  • We need to be talking about pre-pregnancy. 
  • Controversial topics that the ladies are fully behind and ready to ask critical questions about it. 
  • Pregnancy health screenings have some pretty major gaps. 
  • The Xandara Roadmap that you can have at your disposal during your first year of pregnancy. 


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