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192 Detox Your Life (And Your Body)

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As your go-to life coach in your pocket, I am always looking for ways to help you grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I cannot think of a better topic to take a deep dive into than detoxing. Today’s episode is all about detoxing your life in more ways than one, either with the foods you eat, the emotions you feel, and the energy you use. When you can detox your life, you can grow more, do more, and feel better. 

You don’t have to fear or dread the detox. It is not a lonely and desperate place! In fact, I have experienced and witness time and again how women can discover more of who they really are by detoxing all areas of life! Today, we will discuss how to detox from certain foods, behaviors, and even relationships. Above all, the best reason to embrace the detox is to find freedom. I am going to help you get there today! 

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Show Notes:

  • Let’s break down the complex and sometimes frightening word, “Detox.” 
  • Detoxing can give you back control. 
  • My own detox journey. 
  • Almost every religion has a fasting or detoxing sacred practice. 
  • Detoxing is not about conscious deprivation. 
  • Get in touch with your feelings and surround yourself with love and support. 
  • Take charge of your body in a powerful way. 
  • Detoxing builds self-regulation. 
  • You must approach detox with gentleness. 
  • Detox helps you look at your habits. 
  • Hear some detox success stories! 
  • Evaluate the relationships in your life so that you can be supported in your detox efforts. 


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