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204 Don’t Call Me Crazy with Dr. Meg Poe

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Are you living your best life? You know, this show exists to help you find and create your own rules for living and boundaries that honor your desires. Today’s show covers creative ways to live with connection and authenticity—no matter what other people might say.

Meg Poe is a dear friend, psychiatrist, and interpersonal psychoanalyst. She has a profound lifelong professional question by which she lives and works: ”How do I live, love, and work well?” Meg has a private practice in NYC, where she works with all types of people. She created and teaches the insanely popular course at NYU called Love. It’s an interdisciplinary class that draws from film, poetry, philosophy, art, psychology, and neuroscience. 

Meg and I met through our husbands, and we loved this chance to get together and chat about some important topics. We talk about motherhood, the healing value of nature, and how women are terrified to be perceived as crazy, along with the harm that fear has done to us. We also talk a little one-on-one about sound healing and much more. Join us!

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Show Highlights:

  • The negative impact of the language we use with words like “crazy” or “psycho”
  • How our words trivialize mental health and make people feel diminished, unseen, and not valuable
  • The gritty truth: 1 in 5 Americans experience some form of mental illness
  • How Meg lives by her own rules, with focused intention about family and life
  • The NYU course, Love, and how she came up with the idea and created it with three child psych fellows
  • How the course has evolved since its beginning
  • Why Meg has rules for technology in her classroom and in her life
  • Feedback from the undergrads in the course–”liberating and life-changing”
  • Some of the class assignments and exercises
  • Why risk is an uncommon skill
  • The healing power of nature
  • How to be connected to your body & what embodiment really means
  • Wy women are terrified of being perceived as crazy
  • The need to re-center, relax, and remember
  • Why women suppress multidimensionality
  • How Meg uses vibration and sound healing as a tool
  • How sounds shift us with energy and current
  • How to be your best self in motherhood, but different from others
  • Demonstrating and teaching kids about living life as yourself
  • The “milk and honey” of motherhood: why it’s important for your kids to see you enjoy life as a mother

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