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242: Turning Problems Into Purpose with Kristen Harness

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Today we are discussing a hard topic. It’s a subject that many people try to ignore, but the truth is that we can all do something to help in the fight against sex trafficking. Get in a safe space and join us if you’re ready to listen to a woman who turned the problem into her mission.

Kristen Harness has turned her early mess into her message. From a childhood of abuse and homelessness, Kristen has made rescuing the victims, girls and young women who get caught up and forced into prostitution and sex and human trafficking, her mission through her organization, Extended Hands of Hope. 

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Show Highlights:

  • How Kristen first stepped into rescue work with girls and young women
  • Kristen’s first experience with human trafficking on a trip to Thailand in 2004
  • The facts:  Colorado, Kristen’s home state, has some of the highest child sex trafficking rates in the US
  • The problem: What’s next for girls and women rescued from sex trafficking? Where do they go next?
  • The shocking truth: 80% of sex trafficking victims come out of the foster care system
  • Why we don’t hear more about sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in the US
  • The truth: There is hope for healing for these girls and women
  • Barriers that Kristen had to overcome to make a difference when people told her she couldn’t do it
  • In addition to the nonprofit, Kristen has a bakery business, Simply Good Cakery, and Executive 31, her next project, to help raise awareness and support for sex trafficking victims
  • How Kristen’s physical wellbeing has been impacted by her experience and her new commitment to self-care
  • Kristen’s rules to live by: Having a quiet time each day and prioritizing time with her kids
  • Why women carry constant pressure and guilt with every decision they make