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243: Coworking with Danielle Stroble

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Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


Where do you prefer to work? Part of being in alignment with your core values is how you work, where you work, and with whom you work. I like to work at home sometimes, but I still use a  fantastic coworking space, and I occasionally resort to the tried-and-true coffee shop, where the low caffeinated hum of others around me brings peace and comfort. Most important to me is that I can work in a place that feels welcoming, cozy, and comfortable–and my coworking space gives me that. I’ve found that a coworking space provides fewer distractions than working at home, and I love the benefits and amenities. If you’ve never tried a coworking space, then today’s show will open your eyes!

Danielle Stroble is here to talk about her coworking space, Keller Street CoWork, in Petaluma, CA. Danielle explains how it feels to go from a hyper-masculine workplace to building her own mini-empire that’s focused on connection, community, comfort, and cozy space for creativity. Her journey took her from the crazy world of car racing to owning her own coworking space. She fills us in about what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur, mom, and woman with a focus on self-care while helping other creatives and professionals to succeed. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Danielle’s transition from one extreme to the other as she left a 20-year career in IndyCar racing
  • Why Danielle disconnected and relocated to prioritize her family and find herself
  • How Danielle went into survival mode when she lost her marriage and her identity
  • How she decided to help others and attended a workshop that helped her figure things out
  • How she got the idea and made the decision to open a coworking company
  • Why Danielle was committed to using local artisans for her space
  • The disappointment in WeWork for the coworking industry
  • How driven, creative women learn to commit to taking care of themselves
  • How Danielle has become more aware of her physical and emotional needs
  • How sharing your sense of self helps with self-care
  • What Danielle would like to do differently in her self-care routine
  • The value found in “looking up”
  • A rule Danielle would like to see us leave behind
  • How some people don’t work well in certain spaces
  • How Danielle’s podcast, I’m Not Gonna Lie, brings her much joy