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244: Sage & Elm Apothecary: A Plant-Based Approach to Self-Care with Krystle Robinson-Hershey

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How important is your self-care? Do you make it a priority? In today’s show, you’ll meet a creative woman who wants you to care about your self-care! She lovingly creates plant-based products that make people heal and love themselves. You’ll be intrigued by her inspiring story and her connection to healing herbs, all of which began with a single bar of soap.

Krystle Robinson-Hershey is the creator of Sage & Elm Apothecary, a company dedicated to providing customers with plant-based beauty products. Krystle is dedicated to her holistic approach to creating unique products to enhance self-care. A trailblazing entrepreneur, Krystle is also a wife and mom to five children.

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Show Highlights:

  • How Krystle began creating products as a therapeutic hobby seven years ago
  • The power of creativity for healing
  • How Krystle’s brother’s drug addiction fueled her desire to help others with her products
  • Krystle’s passion for the arts, self-care, and mental health
  • Krystle’s products, all made from plants, like her Elder Healer soap made with elderberries and sage
  • Krystle’s mission for Sage & Elm, especially in helping service members
  • How Krystle learned about the healing properties of herbs and plants
  • Krystle’s “Career of Nine Lives,” going from arts to education to mental health; then she brought them together in a journey of discovery with self-care and mindfulness
  • How Krystle’s grandmother fueled her desire to create with her hands and grow things
  • How Krystle has preserved and protected her well being through therapy, inspiration, and a deep connection to her intuition
  • How Krystle learned “how to not fit in”
  • Why Krystle is committed and passionate about her brand and her product
  • One rule Krystle would like to rewrite: “I’d like to change the incorrect rule that your life is over if you have children because you’re not allowed to do anything else.”


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