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246: Your Values Will Guide You: Pink Mentorship with Stacy Cassio

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Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


If you’re experiencing surprising feelings of grief lately, you’re not alone. It’s normal during the upside-down times to examine our lives, question our decisions, or feel like we’ve lost our dreams for the future. Remembering our values, our morals, and our spiritual compass will help us to stay moving forward.

Finding a mentor can also help us to move forward by providing clarity and connections, which are especially valuable right now in this time of unrest. Learn how to find a mentor and get the most out of that very important relationship in today’s episode.

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Show Highlights:

  • A mentor is someone of whom we can learn from their experiences.
  • Stacy provides background of how mentorship came to her.
  • Data shows that men are more likely to ask for mentorship.
  • Women are hesitant to ask for sponsorship, which is the highest level of mentorship.
  • A mentor extends their legacy if they give to us and become part of our story, so we shouldn’t be fearful to ask.
  • How to overcome the negative mindsets and challenges that keep you from reaching out to a mentor.
  • A mentor is very different from a coach. A mentor does not get paid, but they want to invest their time in you because they believe in you.
  • Showing up with your vision for “what’s next”, people of great experience will help you get there.
  • Mentorships do not have to add another layer of relationship.
  • Six pain-points in a career or business where mentorship really helps:
    1. When you begin something
    2. When you step up to lead something
    3. Anytime you want to be an expert at something
    4. Anytime you want to innovate
    5. Anytime you want to grow
    6. When you need someone who tells you that you can do it
  • Stacy addresses how to find the right mentor to help you launch your dream.
  • Caution: Do not blindly follow someone.
  • Stacy’s parting advice: stay humble in the ask, then walk through the doors that open for you.


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