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247: Be A Good Parent, Even Now with Dr. Jennifer Johnston-Jones

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This bonus episode is for those of us who are parenting in these times of crisis. If dealing with the increased pressures of parenting is leaving you feeling stressed, then I have an expert coach and therapist to help.

Dr. Jennifer Johnston-Jones is a dear friend who is here to help us focus on what is most helpful for parents during this time. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder and executive director of Roots & Wings Institute of Social and Emotional Learning for the Prevention of Childhood Trauma. Jennifer has over twenty years of experience profoundly changing families, individuals, and companies, and she’s the author of Transformational Parenting, listed as a top parenting book by USA Today. Jennifer works with teachers and parents to help change the parenting and education paradigms around childhood trauma, and she’s a sought-after keynote speaker who lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two children. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Jennifer’s interesting work that focuses on successful parenting
  • Why trauma is defined as an imprint of pain and fear that lives inside a person
  • How unresolved trauma accumulates into lived trauma
  • How huge systemic realities, like racism and sexism, can cause trauma for individuals
  • How we can be re-triggered by the physical symptoms of past trauma
  • The science of “fight, flight, or freeze” responses in the body
  • How Jennifer is explaining these uncertain times to her children
  • How family meditations and meetings can help process feelings
  • Why vigorous movement, journaling, and laughter can help you feel a sense of control
  • How we, as parents, can support ourselves while helping our kids manage their emotions
  • How bilateral movement can help mimic EMDR in processing emotions and trauma
  • The benefits of journaling and free resources available through Jennifer’s website
  • Jennifer’s best tips and strategies for parents:
    • Allow your kids to “act out” without trying to “fix” them
    • Stay in a neutral space to let them know that they are safe
    • Use best practices communication with your kids without sarcasm
  • How to use these uncertain times in beneficial ways
  • Jennifer’s words of wisdom: “I want to send big love, hope, and gratitude for all the parents out there doing miracle work during this time. ‘Best’ doesn’t always mean perfect; it means authentic.”



www.goodlifeacademy.me  – Find resources and Jennifer’s free journaling download

Transformational Parenting by Jennifer Johnston-Jones