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248: Creating and Community with Artist Lindsay Katt

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Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


On the path to being a creative leader, there are a lot of cultural norms and rules you have to overcome in order to create authenticity. Whether those are mental, societal, or physical, there’s an element of discovery that cannot be revealed without releasing our pre-existing perception of the world. 

Lindsay Katt is a brilliant example of what it means to be unapologetically yourself, as well as a colorful illustration of an artist. As a musician, filmmaker, painter, and master of doing things, Lindsay shares what it means to use your voice unapologetically in a way that resonates with others. She discusses how to use art to improve the lives of those around you, strategies to deal with creative blocks, and how to know when we should violate social rules. 

Join me in this vibrant conversation with Lindsay Katt, the incredible artist who wrote and sang our Her Rules Radio theme song! Support her work by giving at Patreon! 

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Show Highlights: 

  • Lindsay shares how her childhood influenced her creatively  
  • Lindsay discusses her academic career and why she didn’t go to art school 
  • Finding truth within our own landscape can be a strength 
  • How being homeschooled with learning differences impacted her professional career as an adult 
  • Creating community through art 
  • Why changing the world shouldn’t be the goal but we should contribute our true-selves 
  • How can art shape culture and change society 
  • The value of art in pandemic 
  • What the process of collaboration looks like 
  • Handling creative blocks and why you shouldn’t force the process 
  • Identifying how things can resonate with people 
  • How does self-care impact the ability to create 
  • Breaking your own rules to grow as an artist 
  • Giving yourself permission to have expertise in your field without someone else giving you that title 
  • Honoring authenticity 
  • How to decide what rules to follow and what rules to break