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249: The Kids’ Book We All Need Right Now: Zara’s Big Messy Bedtime!

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How are you coping lately? Have you been managing your stress levels? Today, we’re very happy to have Rebekah (Bex) Borucki joining us on the show. Bex’s mission in life is to make mental-health support and stress-management tools accessible to everyone. For the last ten years or so, she has been doing this in several powerfully creative (and sometimes exhausting) ways. In recent years, however, she has felt moved to pivot most of her work and become a writer of children’s books. Bex has a powerful message to share. Her inspiring story is sure to uplift and encourage you!

Bex is the founder of BexLife and the BLISSED IN wellness movement. She is a mom of five, she’s had her own TV show, she’s a meditation and yoga guide, a birth doula, and she has authored You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life, Managing the Motherload, The Calm and Clear Mindfulness Kit, and Zara’s Big Messy Day. Bex is also the founder of Wheat Penny Press, a children’s publishing imprint and non-profit.

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Show Highlights:

  • Bex explains what motivated her to become a children’s author.
  • Writing children’s books takes her back to a place of pure expression and pure creativity.
  • Meditation helps her tap into her creativity.
  • Bex is hyper-disciplined but she has ADD.
  • Bex left school early to pursue her own curated education experience. (She’s learning Spanish now!)
  • Writing children’s books is a whole new thing!
  • How a child’s mindset differs from that of an adult.
  • What a learning experience means for Bex.
  • It’s easier for Bex to teach meditation to children than it is for her to write children’s books.
  • Zara is, in essence, Bex’s love-letter to her seven-year-old self.
  • Bex talks about the mindset that she adopts when going into schools.
  • The model she used for getting her book into the classrooms in Baltimore, and into the hands of as many children as possible.
  • A great lesson that Bex learned from her father.
  • Bex feels that Zara came through her, rather than from her. 
  • About Bex’s latest book, Zara’s Big Messy Bedtime.

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Bex on Instagram – @bexlife


BexLife – 

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