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250: Dr. Anna Cabeca Going Keto Green for Womxn

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Today’s guest is my gold star doctor guest and one of my favorite people. Her work is immensely helpful, and her products are beneficial in many ways. Her philosophy is that being healthy and vital involves the whole human being, and it’s not all about weight loss. If you want to learn how to take ownership of your body and your wellness, then join us today.

Dr. Anna Cabeca is “The Girlfriend Doctor.” She works with thousands of women to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones. Along with her life-changing products and programs, she’s written two books, The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16. She’s done exhaustive research to find solutions to help women reclaim their vibrancy, sexuality, health, and happiness. 

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Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Anna’s new book, Keto-Green 16, is a nutritional plan and much more to help you take charge of your healthy life
  • Why Dr. Anna focuses on creating a nourishing lifestyle focused on overall health and wellness
  • The frustration level that most people have to reach before they commit to making lifestyle changes
  • The foundation of Keto-Green 16 is the energy-efficient ketogenic diet, which uses ketones for fuel instead of glucose
  • The traditional keto diet is high in fat, but Dr. Anna’s plan includes intermittent fasting, no snacking, and exercise
  • Dealing with these anxious times while keeping clarity and disciplines in place
  • How clarity and groundedness can come from a ketogenic diet
  • The science behind how three key hormones are affected by a ketogenic diet
  • What you can discover from your urine pH
  • Fears and apprehension with “going keto”
  • Why Dr. Anna focuses on helping clients achieve alkalinity first
  • Why Dr. Anna’s plan is a 16-day plan
  • The upside for hormonal health with Keto-Green 16
  • Success stories about Dr. Anna’s clients
  • The freedom that comes from getting your blood sugar and cortisol levels in check
  • Dr. Anna answers questions about breaking the rules, following them, and guidelines for both

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