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255: Harriet Tubman Herself with Actress Christine Dixon

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There are many challenges to being a creative person. I’ve experienced many of those challenges, and we’ve discussed many of them here on the show. Today’s show will inspire us to make it through a crisis situation to thrive in your craft. In addition, we’ll be taking a sabbatical of sorts after today’s show, but Her Rules Radio will be back soon with more interesting guests and perspectives.

Christine Dixon is an actress whom I met on Instagram. Since then, we’ve had many email and video conversations, and I knew that her story was one that my listeners needed to hear. Her experiences bring up many themes around the obstacles that creative thinkers face in putting their work and ideas out into the world. Chris has been performing her one-woman show, Harriet Tubman, for years. She has incredible stories about the challenges she’s overcome to deliver this performance. It’s a combination of education and entertainment that brings empowerment to each audience. Chris shares with us how she faced the fear of failure and rejection and learned to adapt to tough situations. She demonstrates how to think positively and proactively while reaching out for help when it’s needed. She shares how we can keep moving forward, so we live with no regrets. I hope you’re inspired to help support Chris and her amazing work. Her story is a beautiful ribbon as we wrap up the package that is this season of Her Rules Radio.

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Show Highlights:

  • How Chris began her one-woman show after much self-exploration about her career and many prayers for divine guidance
  • The incredible story of the miraculous path to becoming Harriet Tubman and appearing in 30 cities, 3 countries, 599 shows, and 593 standing ovations
  • The advice, approval, and praise from Chris’s mother and siblings
  • How Chris feels passionate about her intention and her life’s work
  • How Chris prioritizes self-care, with mental health first and physical health second
  • Before COVID-19, Chris would do 9-15 shows each week at different locations in and around New York City
  • How Chris takes care of her voice and her vocal cords
  • How Chris transformed from a people-pleaser to someone who takes care of herself
  • What Chris learned about herself through portraying an iconic, historic person
  • How Harriet Tubman taught Chris about FEAR: ”False evidence appearing real”
  • How Chris chose to “Face everything and rise” rather than to “Fear everything and run”
  • How Chris finally learned to love herself
  • How Chris handled the uncertainty of the pandemic


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