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72 Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss with Jena la Flamme

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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast

Welcome back my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today’s show is all about pleasure and pleasure impact on our body, on our energy and on our metabolism. We are raised in this culture to think that pleasure is bad or suspect. Or anything that is pleasurable must be wrong for us or that you only deserve pleasure when we reach a goal. Pleasure is something that we allow ourselves when we are good enough in some way. But usually that “good enough” is based on somebody else’s metrics. Somebody else’s idea of what we should be like. It’s rarely based on just pure pleasure. The pleasure of being alive. Well I have some science and a great interview to shed a different light on pleasure and that pleasure maybe for its own sake may be good and honorable and it maybe the path to health, the path to a new relationship with your body and with food.

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The University of Hertfordshire in London England put out an interesting little study from their department of psychology recently called “Bodily pleasure matters: velocity of touch modulates body ownership during the rubber hand illusion”. Whatever that means. But the first three words are really important. Bodily pleasure matters. Here is the one sentence of the study that I think is the most interesting take away: “The sense of body ownership represents a fundamental aspect of our self-consciousness.” So let’s break that down a little bit. The sense of body ownership. This experiment it was about touch. Just touching somebody’s hand in a pleasurable way. The sense of body ownership through this pleasurable touch represented a fundamental aspect of our self-consciousness. So our awareness, our ownership, our love, our boundaries with our body has a lot to do with pleasure. The new science that has come out is so interesting and I think it really speaks to the interview with my dear friend Jena la Flamme on her book “Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss.”



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“Pleasure is a biological requirement” – Jena la Flamme (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

    • How Jena got to her approach for pleasurable weight loss
    • When it comes to pleasure, where does all the shame and judgement come from?
    • Learn the history of an idea
    • Why she is so passionate about helping women lose weight
    • What was the turning point with her own personal struggle with pleasure
    • Pleasure is a biological requirement!

“Until sexy is safe you’ll never lose weight” – Jena la Flamme (Click to Tweet)

    • How pleasure helps our body get where we want it to go
    • Most effective shifts for trouble with body image
    • Remember who loves you!
    • How to make sexy safe
    • How to feel safe with attention
    • Have boundaries!

“The way you worship life is to engage with it; is to enjoy it!” – Jena la Flamme (Click to Tweet)

    • A personal pleasure struggle she recently shared on her podcast
    • Have an attitude of being open
    • Be the initiator
    • Goodies on her website

“You can either stress or you can digest but you can’t do both at the same time!” – Alexandra Jamieson (Click to Tweet)

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