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74 Less Googling; More Chewing with Robyn Youkilis

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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Hey my Clan of the Crave Bears! Today we are talking about cravings…..my favorite topic, obviously! Gut science is an amazing new scientific frontier.  Many chronic diseases and conditions are directly tied to gut health. New studies are even showing that “cheat” days can be as damaging for gut health as a consistently bad diet! Exposure to junk food even 3 days a week is enough to shift your gut profile to be the same as someone who has a consistently bad diet. The profile of your gut bacteria (almost 200 different types) can be imbalanced and your energy, mood, and your blood sugar suffer. Your cravings are also impacted by your gut health. Sugar cravings can come from the yeast in your body. Yeast lives off sugar and if you feel badly after going off sugar, it is because the yeast bacteria is dying off because they don’t have sugar to feed on. Gut health is so important, which is why I am so excited about today’s episode!

Today on the show I am going to be talking about chewing your food with Robyn Youkillis! Robyn wrote this amazing book called, Go with your Gut.  It’s half cookbook with vegan and paleo recipes and talks about the connection between your gut and your “gut instinct”. Most people don’t realize that they are not in the moment when they are eating so they just keep eating and eating. Robyn explains that if you just take time to look at what you’re eating, breathe and chew your food until its mush your digestive system or “gut” will be much happier.

At a young age Robyn struggled and had an unhealthy outlook on food. She saw her mother hide food from her dad and then saw her dad sneaking food.  She talks about her ups and downs, “good and bad rollercoaster” journey. She went from eating less junk and losing weight to eating out of boredom and eating the wrong things. She attended The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and really spent a few years after graduation really trying different healthy foods and trying to find what worked for her in changing her relationship with food.


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“Digestion begins long before food actually enters the gut.” Robyn Youkilis (Click to Tweet)


Show Notes:

    • Robyn’s journey and struggles with food
    • Importance of chewing your food
    • Where to start to make chewing your food to mush a life style
    • Steps to 123 Food Freedom
    • Foods to eat to heal your gut

“Chewing your food is the first digestive step. Chewing properly liquifies the food before swallowing.” Robyn Youkilis (Click to Tweet)

  • How pooping affects everything
  • The good poop list
  • Foods to avoid
  • Become a pooping pro
  • Pasteurized vs Unpasteurized
  • Guide to connect to intuitive voice

“Pooping affects everything you do. It’s good to see that it’s becoming popular to talk about.” Robyn Youkilis (Click to Tweet)


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