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97 The Girlfriend Manifesto with Ayesha Meriweather

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In the last week or two, it feels like the world is on fire. Videos of people being shot and killed, snipers killing policeman and women in the line of duty. Rage and hope filling the streets, tears, anger, and sadness. It feels like a lot! I was in Arizona to see a doctor and because I was in a car I was listening to the news a lot. I was feeling sad and angry and feeling really lost. It was Sunday night after I got back to the city that I was able to talk to people I was close to, people that I love. I think that was the only thing I knew how to do. I am so pleased and heartened and hopeful to have Ayesha Meriweather on the show this week and to talk about how we are really feeling and honoring the anger and really listening to each other.

Sometimes I think that’s all that we can really do to heal is really listen. That’s listening to our bodies, listening to ourselves, honoring what we see, not judging it or making it bad. Just listen! We just need to listen to each other. Sometimes that’s hard to do because we want to have the answers. Ayesha and I talk about that in this interview. We want to have it figured out and have the answers but we don’t always have that. We are not always perfect in how we say things but your intention matters!

I hope you enjoy this interview with Ayesha Meriweather. She is one the co-founders and creators of The Girlfriend Manifesto. She has been creating safe, empowering spaces for women online and in person at retreats with Girlfriend Weekends. Ayesha is very passionate about helping women heal in their own lives and with each other. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • What is The Girlfriend Manifesto?
  • What are women desiring?
  • How does she support women?
  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • What is an apothecary?
  • “The highlight reel” compared to “behind the scenes”
  • What social issues she is passionate about
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