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Hey there, Ruler. Welcome.

I am certain that when you play life by your own rules you will become the happiest woman you know.

I know this because you’re naturally teeming with desires. Things you wish for every single day. And things that are ignited by new experience and Instagram feeds.

Guess what? You deserve every single one of them. And more.

There are moments where you feel the yearning and the burning in your belly.
You want it. You try to envision it. You might even start to feel it.

But then, you see the hurdles to hop over. The lack of clarity — wait, what do I even really want? The uncomfortable conversations to have, the fears to face, the old benefits to rewire, and the doubts to move through.

And your inner dialogue (a.k.a “the bitch brain“) starts playing the same old song.

I can’t. I’m not ready yet.
I feel like a fraud…they’re going to see the truth.
I need to be thinner.
I’m not enough.
I don’t have what it takes yet – I just need one more certification.
I’m too old.
I don’t have time.
No, I really can’t.
Who am I to…?

These beliefs recycle themselves over and over. Keeping you firmly planted on the edge of a juicier life.


I’m here to tell you that stepping over the edge is the only way to feel the way you want to feel and to have the life you really want.

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It’s my mission to start a happiness pandemic in the USA, by inspiring women to fall in love with their bodies and play life by her own rules.

It’s actually very simple

Did you now the happiness has been scientifically proven to spread through social networks like an emotional contagion? In fact, one person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction that lasts for longer than one year.

Women are the nurtures, the mothers, the caretakers of this planet.

Happiness is not just a state of being; it’s a powerful weapon.

My happiness, your happiness, our happiness could literally change EVERYTHING

Happier marriages. Better sex. Healthier-stronger families. Better Medical. Better EVERTHING.

So, it literally doesn’t serve anyone that 80% of women in the USA aren’t happy in their bodies.

Ladies, it’s time for us to wake up happy and love the woman in the mirror just the way they are.

How are we going to do this you’re wondering? Well we’re certainly not going to find happiness punishing ourselves to do more reps, calorie count while airbrushing our feelings.

It starts with shutting out the perfectionist diet culture, listening to your body and playing life by your own rules.

Are you with me? Are you with us?

Are you ready to be a playful, proud
and happy woman?

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This is a shame free zone

You are officially free to be the real you. Free to express every fear and every desire. Every “embarrassing” moment, wound, or obesession.

This is where you learn to let the shame go. Where you unburden your soul, your body, and your mind.

You are here on this planet to shine. To share your gifts with the world. To adore, appreciate, and be mystified by your gorgeous body. No matter what your shape.

You are here to tune into what she need and to take loving action to nourish her. Because your cravings are your soul’s to do list. They are the clues that promote healing, clarity, and transformation.

I give you permission now and always to follow them and play life by your own rules.

Because every single thing you desire is meant for you. You are beyond worthy, capable, and enough to have them. And to have them, you have to let go.

Of the shoulds. Of the can’ts. Of the what ifs.

If you decide it right now, you can have it all.
The body you love. The dream job. The earth-shattering sex. The relaxed relationship with food.
The most epic love story of your life. The tribe of incredibly brilliant ladyboss girlfriends. The adventurous, perfectly imperfect life. Everything you’ve been wishing for, praying for, and hoping for.

It can be yours. Because it’s never too late. And because you already have everything you need to make it real.

Are you ready to be a playful, proud and happy woman? Let’s do it together.

Make a move