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My Story + My Why

The short story is I’ve been a coach and teacher to driven, creative women since 2001. I’m here on this earth to help you get everything you want: the success, energy, self-love, satisfaction… all of it. Your way.

Why I Am So Passionate About Being A Coach

  • I had to work hard to overcome early childhood traumas and beliefs that told me I was powerless and “not enough.” Using my hard-earned strengths of creativity, love of learning, and authenticity in coaching is deeply satisfying to me.
  • As a creative introvert, I prefer connecting with people on “the big topics” in life, rather than small talk. This work requires loving compassion, authenticity, and boldness, which feels purposeful and essential.
  • When I have the opportunity to help other women discover and use their unique strengths, it’s a vicarious thrill as well as a way to expand my own impact in the world, which is deeply meaningful and joyful for me.

I’ve been called a lot of things in my career, and I’ve gathered a lot of tools to help you move forward, grow, and heal in your quest for self actualization: natural foods chef, health coach, positive psychology practitioner, “cravings whisperer,” success mentor, painter, writer, podcast host, and more. 

Today I support and inspire high-achieving women leaders who want to bring their passions and their full selves to the world in an authentic, sane, rewarding way. 

I help you get out of analysis-paralysis and perfectionism and into aligned, authentic action. 

I slay shame and Imposter Syndrome, and help you pick up your own sword to do the same.

I’ve helped countless women:

  • Enjoy more freedom, self-acceptance, and well-being
  • Clearly and confidently express their ideas, boundaries, and desires
  • Attract and effectively handle greater opportunities and income
  • Have greater control over their time and work
  • Create bigger success and impact
  • Get the promotion or pivot their business
  • Heal their relationships (with body, self, and other people)
  • Write their books
  • Launch their podcasts
  • Create and sell their self-help and healing programs, and more…

It’s an absolute joy.

But things weren’t always this way…

14 years ago, I had a very different life.

I had just appeared on Oprah and was living like a celebrity.

You see, my husband at the time was a very famous man with whom I co-starred and co-created Super Size Me, an Oscar nominated documentary that had changed the global conversation about food.

We had the beautiful New York City apartment. We traveled the world. And we were friends with some of the most recognizable people in Hollywood.

I was living a pretty glamorous life and spent my time the way I wanted: writing, raising my son, and building my reputation as a devout vegan and nutrition expert in the wellness industry.

Life looked damn good on the outside. On the inside, sh!t was hitting the fan.

My marriage was rapidly coming undone. And what initially felt like a rough patch of discontent and disconnection turned out to be much worse: he was having an affair. Pain, anger, sadness, insecurity, and desperation swelled in my body.
Fuck, this hurts. Once I emerged from the storm of separation, divorce, and starting over, I realized that I was a mess. I was depressed and barely noticed that my body was suffering as a result. My libido tanked, and my hormones were a disaster. Then, something really unexpected happened.
I started craving meat- the ultimate shame for a vegan. For months, I berated myself for it, while almost daily yearning for a big juicy burger. I finally mustered up to the courage to reveal myself to a few close girlfriends, who promptly said, “Alex, it’s ok, just eat a damn burger.”   

Permission to follow my desires
and create my own rules.

So I did, and I felt better. My mood improved. My energy lifted. And I could feel some strength and energy return to my body. There was no doubt that I needed to bring animal products back into my life.

But there was one big problem. My whole business and brand was built on being a Vegan Expert. It felt like I was hiding behind a sack of lies.

I had to come out and tell the truth. So I called in the big guns–my friends. my colleagues, and my loving family to have in my corner as I pressed send on a very vulnerable email to my community.


Cue the explosion

Every vegan on the planet officially hated me–at least it felt that way.
I lost many friends and a tidal wave of negative emails (including a few death threats) poured into my inbox.
The public sneering felt endless and like my world was upended. But in retrospect, it was really a new beginning:
I had to shed a lot of stuff that was no longer serving me, including my current business model, to find myself again. It forced me to dig deep and rediscover that I had skills, experience, and grit. I had the grace and I had the strength. I also had a community and my own coach who I knew would help me through ANYTHING. (YES, the best coaches I know work with their own coaches, including me! #walkingmytalk)
From that moment on, I believed in myself again. Sometimes when we go through hell, we make it through to the other side to find ourselves able to create our own Heaven On Earth.
I reconnected with my desires to create art and a sustainable business that was authentically aligned with who I am. Publishing new books, selling my paintings, and helping other women to mine their own lives for the gold that’s their “profitable purpose.” 

That’s what I call becoming your own Rich Creatrix, and playing life by your own rules. 

We each have to take bold actions in order to step into our power and create our best, rich life:

  • The break up.
  • The 2 weeks notice.
  • The big move.
  • The public announcement.
  • The new boundaries. 
  • The new wardrobe.
  • The major pivot to your platform.
  • The new higher rates.
  • The new project that’s totally different from what you’re known for.
  • Anything that requires inner grit and bravery.

We will always be faced with challenges, but when once you connect with your strengths and give yourself permission to move through them in your own true way, rest assured that you will feel loved, connected, and capable.

Today, I consider myself a divine work in progress. We all are. And it’s my mission to help women like you to see your worth, create your vision, speak your unique gifts, and play life by your own rules.

Are you ready to get clear, confident, and unleash your Inner Rich Creatrix?

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