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10 years ago, I had a very different life.

I had just appeared on Oprah and was living like a celebrity.

You see, my husband at the time was a very famous man with whom I co-starred and co-created Super Size Me, an Oscar nominated, Sundance award-winning documentary.

We had the beautiful New York City apartment. We traveled the world. And we were friends with some of the most recognizable people in Hollywood.

I was living a pretty glamorous life and spent my time the way I wanted: writing, raising my son, and building my reputation as a devout vegan and nutrition expert in the wellness industry.

Life looked damn good on the outside. On the inside, shit was hitting the fan.

My marriage was rapidly coming undone. And what initially felt like a rough patch of discontent and disconnection turned out to be much worse: he was having an affair. Pain, anger, sadness, insecurity, and desperation swelled in my body.
Fuck, this hurts.Once I emerged from the storm of separation, divorce, and starting over, I realized that I was a mess. I was depressed and barely noticed that my body was suffering as a result. My libido tanked, and my hormones were a disaster.Then, something really unexpected happened.

I started craving meat–perhaps the ultimate shame for a vegan. For months, I berated myself for it, while almost daily yearning for a big juicy burger. I finally mustered up to the courage to reveal myself to a few close girlfriends, who promptly said, “Alex, it’s ok, just eat a damn burger.”

Permission to follow my desires
and create my own rules.

So I did, and I felt better. My mood improved. My energy lifter. And for the first time I could feel some strength and energy return to my body. There was no doubt that I needed to bring animal products back into my life.

But there was one big problem. My whole business and brand was built on veganism. And it suddenly felt like I was hiding behind a sack of lies.

I had to come out and tell the truth. So I called in the big guns–my friends. my colleagues, and my loving family to have in my corner as I pressed send on a very vulnerable email to my community.


Cue the explosion

Every vegan on the planet officially hated me–at least it felt that way.
Bullying, degrading, shocking messages, letters, and emails poured in before I could feel a moment of relief.The public sneering felt endless and like the end of the world. But in retrospect, it was really the end of my old life. I had to shed every single thing that was no longer serving me to find myself again. Although it was painful, it produced an incredibly juicy, full, bright, healthier and happier version of me with the perfectly messy, new life to match.It forced me to dig deep and rediscover that I had the grit. I had the grace, I had the strength, and I had the tribe needed to get through ANYTHING. And from that moment forward, I believed in myself again. I got curious about every desire that was burning in my belly, and I explored them all.That’s what I call “playing life by your own rules.”
The bold actions every woman must take in order to nourish her soul.

The break up.
The 2 weeks notice.
The cross country move.
The public announcement.
Anything that requires inner grit and bravery.

Because we will always be faced with challenges, but when we’ve built the strength and given ourselves permission to move through them in our own true way, we can rest assured that we will also always feel loved, connected, and capable.

Today, I consider myself a divine work in progress. We all are. And it’s my mission to start a powerful, playful pandemic, by inspiring women to fall in love with their bodies and play life by her own rules.

Are you ready to be playful, proud
and happy women?

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