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233: Sexual CPR with Dr. Anna Cabeca


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You’re in for a treat on today’s show as we welcome back one of my favorite guests to talk about some of my favorite topics! We are talking about hormones and sexuality with one of the leading holistic doctors. Middle age brings with it many changes in our physical and sexual health. We’ll cover energy, focus, hormones, and sexuality as they relate to the way our bodies age.

Dr. Anna Cabeca has much to teach us about feeling safe in our bodies and sexual relationships. We’ve been friends for years, and I trust her and her products, and I use them faithfully. She understands the dropoff in energy and focus that comes with middle age, and she knows that balancing our hormones and drives in our bodies support our long-term relationships and our self-worth. If you’re struggling with any of these hormone-related issues, then this is the show for you

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Show Highlights:

  • How Dr. Anna got to the point of being a women’s health advocate as she saw the suffering of her mother from various issues
  • How physiological stress can create hormone mayhem
  • How losing her son at 18 months plunged her into early menopause and “irreversible infertility”
  • How Anna’s healing journey allowed her to become pregnant and have a healthy baby at age 41
  • The underlying PTSD and trauma that create a cortisol-oxytocin disconnect
  • How trauma relates to our sexual disconnect
  • How hormone decline between ages 35-55 produces neuro-endocrine vulnerability
  • How a reawakening to a childhood trauma might occur later in life
  • Why sex is a powerful way to increase oxytocin levels
  • Why oxytocin is a healing hormone associated with longevity and a better quality of life
  • Ways to increase your oxytocin levels: thrill-seeking behaviors, hugging, kissing, laughing, playfulness, and orgasm
  • Why women need to voice what makes us happy, especially when it comes to intimacy
  • The secrets Dr. Anna knows about sexual connection, intimacy, and oxytocin
  • Solutions for the rejuvenation of vaginal health as women age
  • Why sensuality and passion are what our bodies are designed to enjoy
  • How sexuality increases our energy, vitality, and quality of life
  • What Dr. Anna’s Sexual CPR Course covers:
    • Seven key areas that can be blockages to sexual health
    • Understanding hormonal changes
    • The anatomy and physiology of sexual zones
    • Special information for men and women from leading experts


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