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BRAVE. What I did, and what you can do next.

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I’ll bet you have many stories of times you’ve been brave. Maybe you stood up to a bully, spoke on a stage when your knees were knocking, or called out unfairness to someone you felt was more powerful than you.

We hope our kids grow up to be brave. From the time they learn to walk, we encourage them to try, fail, and try again.

But in our adult lives, being brave takes on a different flavor.

It feels more death defying to be brave.

Photography by Lisa Fabrega

The opposite of bravery isn’t cowardice, it’s shrinking yourself to fit in.

Being brave isn’t being fearless.

Being brave is feeling the fear, managing it, having faith, and going forward anyway.

Bravery is a skill and a practice. And it’s necessary for each of us to take it on, like an invisible cape, every day.

To have it all, our own version of it, we must be brave.

In the spirit of courage and boldly being brave, here are a few brave moments from my life:

  1. Any time I speak on stage – I still get sweaty and my heart races, until I’ve been speaking for at least 20 minutes. (Two years ago I spoke at a conference and got so light headed I had to sit down on the edge of the stage. I kept talking and made like I was getting more intimate with the audience.)
  2. Telling my ex-husband, to his face, that he no longer had any power over me. This was surprisingly recent.
  3. Owning the self-definition of Artist.
  4. Writing a book and self-publishing it with my husband. It’s in a completely new genre, had the potential to disrupt our relationship, and could fail spectacularly without the safety net of a traditional publisher. (Thanks to you all, Getting To Hell Yes hit #1 on Amazon last week!)

Being brave means managing risk, your nervous system, and daring to not be liked.

Being brave requires deep nourishment of your body and soul so that you feel strong enough to stand up.

Bravery means doing the work to get clear on what you believe, and committing to yourself because your desires are worth fighting for.

And believe me, sweet one, I know that it takes real bravery to be who you truly are, and go after what you really desire.

Photography by Sam Joseph

We take a risk when we step out and do something new.

We take a risk when we ask for people’s attention to tell them our truth.

We take a risk when we dare to stand out, rather than shrinking to fit in.

Being brave is a foundation of living an authentic life, and “having it all.” And if you’re here with me, authenticity and bravery are two of your top values.

In the next few days you’ll be invited to a special training I’m creating to help you make bold moves, manage risk in your life, and dare to bravely live with authenticity.

For now, I’d love to hear a story of when you were brave, or a brave step you’ve considered taking, but are on the fence about.

Share your story of bravery, or the brave next step you’re considering in the comments below.



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