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Cloned Cow The “Answer” For Our Kids?

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Talk about Pandora’s box in a glass.

Will a genetically modified cow answer our milk allergy problems?


Scientists have discovered a cloned, genetically modified cow in New Zealand that produces milk that contains “no detectable levels of beta-lactoglobulin (BLG)” the protein that is believed to trigger allergic reactions.”

OK, the milk doesn’t contain that protein. But wait.

What’s that next part,

“…the hypoallergenic milk from this calf appears to be even more nutritious than regular cow’s milk, as it contains double the amount of the healthy milk proteins known as caseins.”


Now I’m worried.

As if milk from a cloned cow wasn’t weird enough.

Caseins, a protein often found in processed foods, protein powders, and regular dairy products,

are undeniably linked to ADHD.

In a recent study from Norway experimented with children diagnosed with ADHA by removing all casein from their diets.

Researchers found “All twenty-three children in the long-term study had symptoms of ADHD and hadbeen shown to have abnormal levels of peptides in their urine. The children followed a strict casein-free diet a year, and all but one had “clear improvements” in their behavior and attention span.”

If we give our children genetically modified milk to protect them from one allergy, will we be exposing them to a higher likelihood of another, serious condition?

Many parents avoid these issues by avoiding all dairy products completely. Breast feeding and non-diary milks are available as healthy alternatives for health conscious families.


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