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Counting Calories Right Is Still Wrong – It Would Have Worked By Now

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


A few days ago I was attacked by a doctor.


In a thread on a post on my facebook page he questioned my credentials, my intentions, my tactics, and asserted that his profession was more valid than mine because he had “data.”

It’s always disturbing to be attacked but honestly this isn’t a surprise. Holistic practitioners like myself are used to it.


And I get it. Doctors in our society are seen as the holders of truth and the final say on all things health-related. And I have a deep respect for them. I’d be crippled due to my bad knees or dead from numerous infections if not for their profession.


Allopathic medicine is powerful stuff and I love having them in my corner when faced with the need for surgery or an aggressive illness.


But the medical profession has a weakness.


While it can be good at fixing individual problems it’s terrible at promoting health of the whole person. We can remove disease or set a bone, but can we promote health, wholeness, and thriving?


This particular doctor talked a lot about data. So let’s you and I talk about it too.


Data can help us understand what’s wrong and figure out what to change. It’s important. It’s also expensive.


The medical profession looks at broad trends. If it tells you a drug is 99% effective that sounds great right? But what if you’re in the wrong 1%.


Or what if the problem you are facing has more than one cause. When we’re trying to become really healthy we often need to change diet, exercise, and mindsets.


This is complex work and requires a different kind of data. My work is all about helping you test and learn about yourself:


  • What kinds of foods work and don’t work for your body?
  • How do you keep eating the good stuff when your unique sets of stresses hit?
  • What are the other factors besides calories (all that doctors usually measure) that are impacting my weight?

This kind of self-learning based on experimentation is every bit as valuable a data set as any peer reviewed study and it’s far more important for creating real health.


As Derek Sivers says, “If all we needed was more information, then everyone would be a billionaire with perfect abs.”


What we need is not just information but self-knowledge and the ability to act on the information.


My cleanse (starting on Wednesday) is not about removing toxins or fat from your body (though I guarantee you’ll feel better and weigh less after you do it). It’s about helping you understand you. Helping you think like a scientist and know what works and what doesn’t.


Most of all it’s about supporting you while you go through the fear, doubt, and confusion that accompany any significant change.
I hope you’ll join me and a growing group of women just like you – ready to take control of food, their health, and body image with our own rules: