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The Cravings Cleanse



Because you want to feel happy, light, and strong today – and for years to come.

Imagine loving your body, every day, without question. Imagine you feel happy and more joyful now, even as you make changes to create the body and life you desire.

You are a powerhouse.

You’re smart, caring, and committed to making your life meaningful. You take care of people with your whole heart, and they tell you that you’re strong and talented, and often come to you for advice.

You’ve got something in you that you want to share with the world, a contribution you want to create, and deep down you know you want the world to see what you have to offer.

But when it comes to your energy, relationship with food, and your body?

Here you STRUGGLE.

You know in your head what you’re “supposed” to eat, but your body seems to be working against you. And you’re sure your thoughts + how you think are part of the problem. You find you’re stuck in thought cycles about how “weak” and “bad” you are – but then fight with those ideas because you know you’re a good, lovable person, dangit! It’s so exhausting!

You try to take time for yourself, cook more, eat right, and exercise, but it just feels like you are at war with your body. And it’s not like you don’t know a thing or two about nutrition. You’re smart, and you’ve read a lot about food, but the experts all say something different. It’s so frustrating! And the diets you’ve tried?

They’re either impossible to stick with because they STILL tell you to count calories (which you’re pretty sure doesn’t work) or don’t really help you heal your gut, hormones, and mood, feel good in your body, OR make life easier.

The “diet gurus” don’t help you love or understand your body, your cravings, your habits, or help you feel better about YOU. And you think you’ve failed them…

And feeling better, more joyful, more free, is what you want. Today. Not at the end of some complicated, deprivation diet plan. Even the things you love to do either don’t fit your schedule, or you’re too hard on yourself to take the time to do them:

Hanging out with your best friends? Not as much as you’d like. You’re tired and feel like you don’t have time or energy to go out, and when you do, you obsess about whether you just said one too many negative things in a row.

Sex? Sex is fun. . .isn’t it?? Sorry, no. Again with the fatigue—and mostly you feel like it’s time for another chewy salted caramel cookie. Plus, there’s almost as much shame in sex as there is in food. It’s hard to enjoy or even think about when you don’t feel good in your own skin.

What’s worse is you’ve got this closet full of clothes that don’t fit, and every time you open the closet you feel another layer of shame pile on, like heavy, wet blankets.

Why can’t you seem to manage your cravings and just have the willpower to stick with a plan? You’ve been putting off buying new clothes because you don’t like how you look and feel right now. For all of your dieting, you feel (wrongly, in my opinion) like a failure and mad at at all the times you tried to eat “right” – and those “failures” have you questioning your own strength, intelligence, and worth.

All of this is disempowering. It’s exhausting.

It takes precious energy away from you + that gift of yours–your talent+sparkle that you’re meant to share with the world.

And this is why I have made it my mission in life to help women (and a few smart, awesome, willing-to-be-vulnerable men – because if we don’t have some men involved in this movement, who wins?) to break free of the “dieting industrial complex” which has us blaming ourselves, depriving ourselves of pleasure, and putting off the joys of living until we take off the arbitrary pounds they dictate.

You can change the way you think, eat, and feel about food. You can listen to your body’s cravings, honor your true desires, and reclaim your power, confidence, and brilliance. It’s time to heal your body with food while you heal your relationship with food. You want energy and to be happy. Not every-day-all-the-time-happy, like some hopped up Tela Tubby, but…

· Confident
· Peaceful
· Loved and loving
· Strong
· Healthy
· Vibrant
· Grateful
· Authentic
· Mindful
· Connected and supported
· Joyful
· You want to feel like YOU. The best version of you.

Here are more women like you
who loved the cleanse:


Because weight loss and health are NOT about calories…

  • It’s about food sensitivities and finding yours to eliminate inflammation (which lead to weight loss + easy maintenance)…
  • It’s about your physical + mental habits and how they keep you stuck…
  • It’s about a group of like-minded friends who will support you through that moment when you’ve given up in the past…
  • It’s about healing your digestive system to eliminate bacterial overgrowth and balance your mood (yes, they’re related!)…
  • It’s about focusing on your strengths and what’s good in your life, not just on what’s “old and broken”
  • It’s about whole life, bone deep, richly fun, and broadening health.

This is NOT a quick fix.

This is the “food school” no one gets, but we all need.

This is the first step on a new path in your life. The first step to the authentic, real, vital place you know you belong…

Your outlook and attitude, how you feel about yourself and how you act are so different than they were just a few months ago, and it’s not just you who notices. Your secret? You’ve uncovered how to work with your body’s messages (AKA your cravings) instead of against them. You know that your cravings are brilliantly coded instructions from your body, and you hear and honor them. You think in a new way about your body, and have mastered new ways to think and can flip your thoughts out of negative spirals into a positive, growth oriented mindset.

Your body is your ally, and you two are rocking it. You know that you can’t just transform what you’re eating, it’s time to transform how you THINK. And your thinking is now in tune with your intuition. You don’t waste energy drowning out your cravings anymore because you’re connected. You’re able to listen to and trust your body. It guides you the right way.

You’ve discovered how to connect and listen, and TRUST what your body is saying. Every day. You’ve given up the notion that eating well is all about willpower. In fact you laugh at the idea now! What you have instead is FAR more powerful and effective. You have the wisdom to channel your unhealthy cravings into healthy choices.

You’ve turned willpower into WELLPOWER.

The Cravings Cleanse


Yes, the Cravings Cleanse is about unwiring your destructive food cravings, clearing out the foods that are keeping you stuck, losing weight, and finally learning how to take excellent care of your body. But it’s also about stepping into your most confident self and creating a life you LOVE. This program is filled with everything I’ve learned and used over the years to help folks just like you to finally discover what foods and lifestyle strategies will get you the body and life you want:

  • Culinary skills on how to cook simple, yummy foods for both you and your family
  • Science-based Positive Psychology interventions to help you flip your mindset into a positive place
  • Functional Nutrition tools for reducing pain, inflammation, and healing your digestion
  • 13+ years guiding thousands of people through cleanses and mindset makeovers for lasting transformation

Once your cravings for sugar, fat, and salt are seen for what they are – a call from your body for balance – you are free to choose what’s right for your body. Every time.

What’s this Cravings Cleanse all about?

  • Clear steps, every week, on how and what to eat
  • Get clear on the foods that don’t work for your unique body (so clear that you won’t even want to eat them very often)
  • Taking a break from the “Toxic 6” foods (sugar, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and caffeine) that are at the root of most weight, mood, and energy trouble
  • See the true, deep desires your body and soul are asking you for (emotional and physical cravings)
  • Insight into what keeps you holding onto excess weight (bacterial and nutritional cravings)
  • A deep connection and love for your body in a juicy, loving way
  • Find the foods that you love to eat and that support your body and grow your energy
  • Connection, community, support, and a safe, non-judgmental place to bring your true self

When you have less shame about your eating choices and start to see (and feel) the physical proof that you know how to listen to your body and work with it, instead of against it, life gets better.

You get your social life back and you actually enjoy it. You have patience, deep love, and connection with your friends and family. You remember that you’re a pleasure to be around and that you are worth all of your desires.

Your sex life and body confidence? Let’s just say that you might be too busy to do your hair on a week night.

And the best part? Because you’re not carrying around all the extra junk, both physically and mentally, you actually get more free time and focus for yourself. You get to have it all. It’s as if you BENT time to create more. . .

Here’s how it works:


  • Exclusive Membership Site

    Once you register, you’ll get access to my Cravings Cleanse Membership site where only other people like you can come to get support and info.

    For 8wks I’ll give you videos, recordings, and simple sheets teaching you the next step in the cleanse process, covering the neuroscience behind your body’s messages,
    and giving you tips make your life work how YOU want it to.

  • Group

    You’ll get exclusive access to 2 live coaching calls a month – that’s 4 calls! I’ll be there, along with other members, to answer all your questions and help you through any challenges…and celebrate your wins!

    After the 8 weeks you’ll get a great offer to continue this coaching at a steep discount of only $37 a month.

  • Handouts & Transcripts

    You’ll get recordings of each live call, plus transcripts of video modules, so you can re-listen, print out and read, or take notes at home if that’s your jam…

    I heard that you like doing things when it fits your life, so I’ve designed the Cravings Cleanse with precisely that in mind!

  • Food Cleanse

    The food-cleanse consists of two weeks of 2 delicious smoothies a day, as many healthy snacks as you want, plus a regular meal that’s free of the Toxic 6 foods that keep you grumpy, sick, heavy, and tired: sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and caffeine.

    After 2 weeks off the Toxic 6, we will do the re-introduction phase together, so that you can feel, for yourself, how each food makes you feel.

The community this group provides is priceless. When you join the CCMM you’ll get 24-7 access to our private Facebook group, as well as 4 live calls with me and your fellow Cleansers. You’ll also receive daily supportive emails, connecting you to the science of Positive Psychology, to help you feel and think in a more growth-filled way.

The cleanse is a powerful, proven elimination cleanse that helps your body, hormones, and gut to heal so that you…

  • drop bloat and tummy weight
  • have more balanced moods
  • feel more energy, all day long
  • have less sugar cravings
  • stop eating when you’re full
  • enjoy real, simple food more

You’ll never need a doctor or diet guru to tell you how food should make you feel ever again. Because you will know for yourself.

And This Cleanse Is About So Much
More Than Just Food…

As you cleanse + heal your body, and start new food habits, you also get clear about emotional and thinking habits that don’t serve you anymore – in fact, they’ve been keeping you stuck and feeling crazy. I’ll be sharing tested Positive Psychology tools + scientifically based interventions to help you makeover your mindset, uncover the purpose for your healing path, and grow your joy, strength, and capacity for resilience:

  • 1

    Week 1:

    Pre-Cleanse – Getting Ready

    Immerse yourself in a new mindset where you learn to distinguish the difference between willpower and WELL POWER.

    Your first Mindset Makeover Module is “Pleasure + Play = Your New Sugar Substitute!” Discover how to include play every day and how a sweeter life keeps sugar cravings away.

  • 2

    Week 2:

    Weaning – “Lighten Up”

    Your introduction to the foundation of the Cravings Cleanse begins. We start to remove the Toxic 6 foods from your diet, so you’re clear of their inflammatory, weight-stopping effects. You get a whole week of indispensable tools for dropping pounds and growing your energy using the cleanest foods possible. Get guides that you’ll use for a lifetime, such as how to eat with confidence at restaurants, stress reduction, handling symptoms, and slimming down.

    Your mindset makeover module is called Boundaries: How To Make Them + Keep Them. This will help you make your own rules, keep them, and share them with the people in your life with love.

  • 3

    Week 3:

    Cleanse Wk 1 – “Step In”

    This week is packed with lively multimedia trainings to give you everything you need for lasting success as you begin to clear out what doesn’t work. We’ll cover all aspects of wellbeing with the Relax & Release Meditation MP3 and Mid-Day Energy Boosters video. You’ll also get access to guides that make dining out or eating at work not only possible while cleansing, but a seamless integration into your life!

    Your third Mindset Makeover Module is “End Anger Snacking: How To Eliminate Emotional Eating” – you’ll discover new ways to release frustration and stress without food. You’ll be surprised – no, you’ll be thrilled!

  • 4

    Week 4:

    Cleanse Wk 2 – “Step Up”

    No successful cleanse program would be complete without support BEYOND just taking out what doesn’t work. You’ll get comprehensive instruction on how to manage emotional eating, calling fun into your life, and my popular Yoga Before Bed video.

    Self-Compassion, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth – these are the all-important topics for this week’s Mindset Makeover Module. Know which one is important for you now, and how to grow your self-love without food.

  • 5

    Week 5:

    Re-Introduction Wk 1 – “Feel In”

    This is your week to gently re-introduce foods that will serve your body’s highest good! We prepare you for positive lifelong habits with the Mindful Eating Meditation recording, useful tracking sheets, and a Fitness Inspiration Case Study video. You’ll also get expert guidance on how to avoid and replace the “Sick 6” foods that keep you from being your superstar self!

    Ever hunger for a dash of magic instead of a bunch of rules? I hear you! In your Mindset Module this week, you’ll discover how to Rock Your Rituals, End Destructive Habits.

  • 6

    Week 6:

    Re-Introduction Wk 2 – “Breathe In”

    Now it’s time to detox your home! You’ll get easy-to-follow and accurate instruction to create a living space that is just as free from toxins as the food you eat. Let’s make your home into the oasis you crave with the “Organization & Simplification” and “Better Sleep Strategies” webinars.

    Ever get thrown off your healthy eating goals by life’s stresses? This week’s Mindset Makeover Module shows you how to Bounce Back Better: Resilience + Grit. You’ll love this – it’s one of my FAVORITE positive psychology tools!

  • 7

    Week 7:

    Re-Introduction Wk 3 – “Lean In”

    Shift your life from rollercoaster ride to cruising altitude! The next week teaches you how to infuse your life with playfulness, even while doing mundane tasks. (It’s true–you can have fun doing the dishes!) We’ll also get real on two major topics that create stability in your life while freeing you up to being fully present: Menu Planning 101 and Hormonal Balancing 101. These are a true highlight of the Cravings Cleanse!

    One BIG missing ingredient from diets and cleanses – we don’t talk about trauma. Since it gets stored in the body and causes stress eating, we MUST talk about it! Your Mindset Module? Growing Stronger Through Post Traumatic Growth. (Priceless!)

  • 8

    Week 8:

    Final Week – “BE More”

    Congratulations & celebrations are in order!

    This is the time to reflect on your transformation, and to take credit for your commitment to making friends with your body. You’ll get my special “Life After Cleanse” training which showcases everything you need to know to keep what you’ve worked for. Now’s where the real fun begins!

    Your final Mindset Module – a special planning tool with strategies on how to make the cleanse stick with you for good:
    Make The Rest Of Your Life The BEST Of Your Life! (You may want some kleenex nearby for this one!)


Not only will you have all the support + live coaching you could ever need to make this cleanse a success, I’m including some fantastic bonuses for you:

Cravings Cure Cookbook: Value $30

Alex’s 30+ page cookbook offers tested, seasonal recipes for delicious meals all year long.

8 Weekly Mindset Meditations! Value $80

Download weekly guided meditations from Alex to help you relax into your body, appreciate your physical self, end guilt, feel more playful, grow your self-confidence, and erase anxiety.

Bonus videos: Total Value $75

  • Closet Cleanse with Style Coach Melissa Kathryn($30)
  • Kitchen Cleanse with Organizing Coach Jordana Jaffe($30)
  • Yoga Before Bed Video with Yoga Teacher Elie Aaron($15)

Bonus Classes with Experts:
Value $300

  • Heal Your Digestion with Gut Rebuilding Expert Summer Bock
  • Balance Your Hormones with Hormone
  • Expert Nicole Jardim

Brand New Menu Plan + Shopping Guide! Value $35

The entire cleanse is laid out, step-by-step, so you can breeze through the grocery store.

Total Bonus Value: $400+

A $127 coaching program with $400+ worth of bonuses….what a deal!

Bonus Gift
Snuggle up with me to ward off those late night cravings!

All new members will get an e-copy of my #1 Best Selling book, Women, Food, And Desire as my gift to you!

VALUE — $25

YES, Alex: I’m ready! Sign me up:

1 x PAYMENT $1272 x PAYMENTS $77

My biggest wish for you is that you feel connected, strong, and in love with your body.

I know what it’s like to feel the physical and emotional pain of being so out of touch with my body that I felt like a stranger in my own skin. I’ve been to that place where I felt so low that I didn’t think that I could ever get out of the loop or stop blaming myself for feeling so terrible.

I know it’s possible to transform into your best, healthiest self.

How? I’m my own client. I began my healing journey after a total life breakdown where I was 30 pounds overweight, recently divorced, and working a job that didn’t feed my soul. I was in my mid-twenties, and my body felt ragged. These were supposed to be my golden years! Once I realized that I was in danger of losing my life, and not feeling connected to my body, I created a food-based cleanse plan to keep my body and mind happy and healthy. That was 14 years ago, and I’ve never stopped. I’ll be 40 in a few months, and I look (and feel) pretty darned good! I’ve done it—and I’ve taught it to many others. I know you can do it too.

I used to be insecure about my food choices & now the worry is gone.

I got hit on by 2 guys yesterday! My clothes are fitting better. I feel this freedom from my cravings. I’m paying attention to my hunger and body in a totally new way. My digestion is way better and my rosacea is almost all gone! I eat less and feel better.I used to be insecure about my food choices and now
the worry is gone. I feel calm and confident.



Having Alex ‘live’ is so valuable!

I’m not having fall allergies! I’m sleeping better, too. I’ve lost 4 pounds in two weeks, and I feel so much more energy. I can’t imagine going back to how I was eating before.


Things can change for you faster than you think.

In just a few weeks you can get your life back and feel more like YOU than you have in years. If you transform your food habits you might not even recognize your life and this time next year! And I know that change is scary – that’s why I bring together only the most committed, open, brave people in my “judgment-free zone”… Look, there are a lot of diet and weight loss plans out there, and even a few detox programs that give you some good information on what to eat.

But they don’t really help you change and follow through. They give you a list of foods, maybe some exercises, but they don’t help you create a healthy life that will serve you going forward. They don’t show you how to easily transform your habits. They don’t teach you about turning willpower into wellpower. They don’t know a thing about the neuroscience of cravings. I do.

I’ve worked with thousands of people who have tried other diet plans, and they’ve come to me frustrated because they spent valuable time AND effort AND money to try to lose weight, heal their gut. They’ve spent thousands on programs that claim to grow their energy or clear their mind and body from pain. And the programs didn’t work. And they think it’s their fault. But it’s not! I’ve looked at these programs, and they aren’t teaching the most important factors in long-term health and happiness. And that’s what you want right?

What you DON’T want…

  • Try over and over again
  • Counting calories
  • Overwhelming your brain with calculations

What you DO want…

  • Successfully complete a program
  • Learn what you need
  • Discover new strengths
  • Food to be easy
  • To feel great in your own skin every day
  • Move forward and get on with your life!

This is like several years of therapy in 45 minutes!

I feel SO much better and have dropped about 6 pounds more easily in my life than I could have ever imagined. And I feel happy! My husband is thrilled. He’s never seen me stick whole-heartedly to a plan in my life. But your plan has been so EASY… and ENJOYABLE. This is something I can stick to for life, I just know it. I feel lighter and happier too, less depressed!

Molly H


My sugar cravings are GONE!

I didn’t know what to expect from this program. I feel empowered and organized, and love the simple steps to build on. Nothing feels so overwhelming. I can see small progress and successes and it keeps me moving forward. My sugar cravings are GONE!! I’m eating when I’m hungry,
and don’t have that 3pm slump anymore! The confidence in my body is great, but I wasn’t expecting the results to show up in my life, too.


100% money back guarantee.

If you’re sick of hating your body, frustrated and want to try something radically different, I invite you to join us (but you’ll have to be open to possibility of falling in love with your body.) I know you’ll love the Cravings Cleanse so I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Show up to the calls, do the homework, and if you’re not satisfied at the end of the 8 week program, just prove that you’ve done the work and I’ll refund your money. Want to know how I got so confident? (Hint, you’ve just read all about it!)


I have so much more energy.

I wanted more energy and I’ve had an emotionally rough year. I’ve been off the foods that were keeping me feeling terrible, and I have so much more energy and better digestion. I thought my heartburn was real but it’s gone! My skin has cleared up too – I wasn’t expecting that.


YES, Alex: I’m ready! Sign me up:

1 x PAYMENT $1272 x PAYMENTS $77

This is an incredible opportunity to learn the exact steps I’ve taken and that have gotten me attention from the likes of Oprah, CNN, Fox, USA Today, People Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and the thousands who’ve loved my bestselling book The Great American Detox Diet. And it’s an incredible price! This program will help you get your life back and start moving towards your wildest dreams and what you’re meant to accomplish in this world. . .which is worth more than anything. Before the program is over, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner!


My husband and I are getting along great!

My skin is totally clear and I’ve lost 10 lbs. I used to have back & neck pain everyday, migraines every couple of days, indigestion daily, and my skin was a wreck (awful painful acne on my chin.) I’ve been on the program for 24 days now, back and neck pains have all but disappeared.

Debra H.


I wanted to feel happier with my choices, and now I do!

I’m so programmed to finish my plate, I’m not even in touch with my appetite. Now I’m cooking more and enjoying the food I eat. I turned down cake last week – I NEVER turn down cake! I wanted to feel happier with my choices, and now I do!



I’m sleeping better and feel more rested and peaceful.

I started working with Alex in January 2011 and she was able to assist me in ‘detoxing’ my life, my diet, and assist me in creating a scalable nutrition plan for my toddler. Since working with her I have lost over 25 lbs, reduced severe allergy issues, and have introduced new foods that have revolutionized the way my son and I eat. Alex treats the whole person and creates realistic, actionable plans for even the busiest of people.



It’s TimeWhat will you create with abundant energy and confidence (and that fabulous wardrobe of yours)?
Is it finally making a bold career move?
Is it finding the love of your life?

I’m living proof that you can transform your body, your passion for life, and find what it means to really have confidence in your intuition. I hope you’ll join me and the incredible community that’s waiting for you.

Sign up now:

1 x PAYMENT $1272 x PAYMENTS $77


You can start learning to follow your intuition right now. Get quiet for a moment and sit with the idea of the Cravings Cleanse. How does your body feel when you imagine yourself taking two months out of your routine to correct the course of your health?

The Cravings Cleanse is not for everyone. This program is NOT for people who aren’t totally ready to open up + really feel what their body is telling them. If you’re not ready to explore, experiment + step into the BIG life that’s waiting for you, you might be happy with a diet that tells you to just go count calories and exercise more. But if you decide that you want the best life possible, I’m here for you every step of the way.

Join now…

1 x PAYMENT $1272 x PAYMENTS $77

If you have any trouble with the application process, please email
my community manager, Jan at: jan -at- alexandrajamieson -dot- com

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