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Cravings Cure

Cravings Cure Detox Program

4-months with Alex Jamieson

It’s Time to End Your War Against the Food Cravings that are Keeping You Stuck And Overweight . . .
And Finally Experience True Wellness

Let’s talk about cravings.

But not just food cravings.

We’ll get to those in a minute, but first, I’d like to talk about a different kind of craving.

A deeper longing, a down-in-the-core-of-your-being kind of yearning.

I’d like to talk about the life that you crave.

I may not know you in person, but I have a feeling there’s a good chance you want some (or all) of the following:

To have meaningful relationships and daily intimacy. To feel profound connections with the people in your life. To feel nurtured. To love and know that you’re loved in a true, deep, and non-judgmental way.

To have a job that is in alignment with your purpose (or even just to know what your purpose is). To feel like the work you do has a positive impact on the world around you. To express yourself fully. Creatively. Passionately.

To feel well. To like your body and yourself. To feel consistently and effortlessly vibrant. To wake up feeling rejuvenated, energized, and ready to take on the world. To know your innate strength. To know that you are beautiful.

These are cravings to be the truest, fullest version of yourself.

And, believe it or not, the way you treat these cravings can impact how you treat those other cravings. . .

The food cravings.

The Food You Crave vs. The Life You Crave

You know that your food cravings are keeping you stuck. You’re already well aware that they sabotage your weight loss and health goals. . .

But it’s more than that.

These cravings keep you from getting to that place of physical wellness we just talked about. You don’t wake up feeling refreshed. You don’t fit into the clothes you want to wear. Your energy is low. Your clarity is foggy. Your zest for life is dulled by the limitations of an unhealthy body.

And that, in turn, affects your ability to go after the other, bigger things you’re craving.

Because if you’re not feeling physically well, it’s hard to find the motivation to create transformation in the other areas of your life. If your health and energy is slowing you down, it can be a struggle to get engaged and move forward with your work, your personal life, and your emotions.

Those food cravings don’t just sabotage your weight loss and health goals.

They end up sabotaging your goals for your dream life.

And, to bring it full circle, when you start to give up on your deeper cravings (i.e., the life you dream of), it becomes even easier to cave in to your food cravings.

Ever heard the phrase “vicious cycle?” Well, at the risk of sounding cliché, that’s exactly what you end up getting stuck in.

When you have any type of deficiency in your life, or when you feel like you’re lacking in one area, your body tries to fix it. It starts trying to give you cues that you need something — and it gives those cues in the form of cravings.

But we often misinterpret those cues. . .

You may need minerals that are found in certain healthy foods, but you think your body is demanding sabotaging foods like refined salt.

You may need more sleep and rest (so your body can rejuvenate itself), but you give your body temporary energy through refined carbohydrates, sugar, and caffeine.

You may feel like you’re lacking in intimate connections and purposeful, fulfilling work. Your body knows you need a bit of comfort. . . So it asks for the food that it knows will make you feel better (for a little while).

Your body is a pleasure-seeking machine.

Your body just wants to feel good NOW. It doesn’t care how you’ll feel two hours from now, or which long-term weight and health goals you’re sabotaging. It knows that chocolate will make it feel good NOW. You’ll get the emotional comfort from the endorphins and the energy from the sugar. That’s all your body knows to ask for right now, in this moment.

I get it. Believe me, I do.

I spent a good portion of my life letting my cravings own me. I was overweight, a caffeine addict, and depressed.

Alex Jamieson
Cravings Whisperer, Author, Chef,
& Nutritional Healing Expert

And now that I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same for quite a while. . . Guess what? I still get cravings.

But I’ve learned to listen to my cravings. I’ve learned that my cravings are really my body’s way of telling me what it needs in order to be healthy — in order for me to thrive.

And when I have my health in check, I’m able to put more energy and focus into the rest of my life.

And when the rest of my life is glowing — when I’m feeling good in my relationships, my work, and, especially, myself — I’m able to stay strong whenever a craving pops up that doesn’t align with my goals. I’m able to take a breath and see it for what it truly is. I’m able to listen to my body and give it what it really needs.

So what about you?

Would you love it if you could listen to your body with understanding and compassion?

Would you love to interpret your cravings correctly, so you could give your body what it really needs — so that you feel good after you satisfy those urges because you know you gave yourself something healthy, instead of feeling like you “caved in” again?

Would you love to cure your own cravings in a way that supports you in the rest of your life, and having the body you desire as well?

Well, then, please allow me to introduce my newest program. . .

The Cravings Cure Course

For 4 months, I’ll be helping a small group of women learn to listen to their cravings in order to lose the weight, finally understand what their bodies are really asking for, and create the lives of their dreams.

And when I say “a small group,” I do mean it. In order to honor my own energy reserves, and give my best focus to the group, I’m limiting the number of members to 24. This journey is for a small group of dedicated women who crave more than the status quo.

This program is for women who want to learn, not just be told what to do.

Think you’d like to be one of them? Read on to find out more about the program, plus the awesome bonuses I’m throwing in.

We start on May 9th and go for 4 months.

Here’s what you get. . .

8 Private, 1-on-1 Calls with Alex

  • You get 2 30-minute coaching calls a month with me for 4 months — which means you’ll have accountability and a trusted guide to help you unwire your sabotaging food cravings while building the life of you crave.

4 Group Calls with Alex + Special Guest Experts

  • Each month, you get a 90-minute group call with me, along with experts in the fields of wealth building, gut healing, mind set, organization strategy, and more — which means you’ll have the hands-on tips and tricks you need to make healthy living a rich, rewarding, and pampering lifestyle.

    • Your Experts are. . .

      • Ingrid Dinter – Success Coach, EFT-Tapping expert, author and speaker Ingrid cleared out her cravings and allergies with the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and was able to lose over 40 pounds, dropping from a size 16 to a size 4.
      • Belinda Rosenblum – CPA, wealth expert, and founder & owner of, Belinda helps people to stop avoiding their trouble areas and get into action.
      • Alisa Vitti – Best-selling author of WomanCode and founder of, a virtual health center that supports women’s hormonal and reproductive health.
      • Dr. Jennifer Jones – Clinical psychologist and specialist in the neuroscience of love and happiness.

    4 Private Laser Calls with Alex

    • These 15-minute check-ins can be used once a month, when you need them — which means that when you’re in a cravings freak out, you’ll be able to get the support you need to figure out what you really need to feel great in that moment of chaos.

    Your Own Personalized Detox Plan

    • The first part of each person’s journey begins with an easy-to-follow, food-based detox based on the one I used to heal Morgan’s body in Super Size Me. As a member of the Cravings Cure Course, you will have a detox specifically tailored to your need and body – so you can start stripping away the layers of fat, food cravings, and energy-sucking foods that have kept you stuck for so long.

Alex on the Oprah Show

When I started with Alex, I didn’t think I could do it. But I had been suffering a lot and made a commitment to myself. I was so tired of feeling bad! I’ve done cleansing diets before but I wasn’t able to keep up with it. Alex’s class just made it easy. Now I’m not eating sugar, my cravings are way down, my body feels good and I’m not even missing cheese – which is amazing!

~ Mirene Charles

One of my favorite parts of my group programs is the support you find within the community.

So with the Cravings Cure Course, you also get. . .

  • Access to Our Private Community

    – You get access to the Cravings Cure Course private Facebook group where you can post your goals, share your progress, and reach out for support. You’ll never be sad, frustrated, or confused alone.

  • An Accountability Partner

    – You’ll be paired up with another amazing woman who is going through this transformative journey with you. When you need a quick “get your butt in gear” note, or a compassionate “I totally get it” conversation, your partner will be there for you — and when you’re able to provide that kind of support, too, it helps to solidify your commitment to your own goals.

The support of the group has been really really helpful for me! I’m seeing now how doing this in a group makes it all doable. This is the most insightful process into how my body works ever…. I love this – I’m so glad I signed up. It was exactly the right time.

~ Rev. Bonnie

And because I so want you to experience the powerful shifts that happen in ALL areas of your life once you get control of your cravings, I’m adding in some Special Bonuses. . .

Bonus #1

Copies of all 3 of Alex’s books:

  • The Great American Detox Diet — This is an “anti-diet” book that replaces packaged foods with whole foods that strengthen bodily systems, restore vitality, and boost immunity. This book shows that good food choices can quite literally change our lives on every level — for the better.
  • Living Vegan for Dummies — Even if you’re not vegan, this book will help you maintain a healthy approach to life overall.
  • Vegan Cooking for Dummies — Want to try something new and exciting? Cooking vegan has never been more fun!

Bonus #2

Recipes, meal plans, and food strategies for delicious, healthy meals on the go, while traveling, and to stock your cupboard and desk with — which means you’ll never be at the mercy of the vending machine again.

Bonus #3

A sampling of CV Skinlabs products: Safe, nourishing, quality skin care. CV Skinlabs is a collection of natural and organic formulas that nurture and repair skin while restoring radiance.

Bonus #4

(and this is the BIG one!)
Your ticket to the 1-day live Cravings Cure event:

A one-day live event in New York City with Alex and the other Cravings Cure members on June 22nd, 2013. This event will transform your experience with food and your body in a truly experiential way, while offering the fun and powerful connections of meeting your Cravings Cure sisters in person. You’ll receive one-on-one coaching in a face-to-face environment.

All of this means that you’ll get to experience how you want to feel.

. . . So that’s everything you get during those 4 incredible months.

But really?

What you get is so much more than just calls and bonuses.

What you really get is complete confidence in your body.

Which means you’ll end the war of sabotaging food habits that are keeping you stuck.

Alex has helped me be more mindful of my cravings and I’ve been able to pinpoint my emotional triggers for sweets better than ever. I now see that I want comfort instead of sweets and I’m loving myself in simple, beautiful ways.

Now I’ve made myself a priority. I’m feeling great and relaxed, and there’s no reason for me to suffer anymore. I’m taking care of my health and incorporating great foods as self care.

~ Mirene Charles

The value of reclaiming your freedom from food cravings, finally meeting your health and weight goals, and suddenly finding the power to be YOU. . . Well, there is no dollar amount you can attach to that.

But your investment for the Cravings Cure Course is only $2800.

You’ll make a $1187.50 downpayment to secure your spot (with 3 payments of $537.50 that start upon registration and charge every 30 days).

Imagine. . . 4 months from now, and you’ll finally understand the body you’ve been living in your entire life.

You’ll have the energy to pursue your larger, deeper goals, and you’ll feel powerful as you move through your days in harmony with your body.


Are you ready to take the plunge?

I feel like I’ve turned a big corner. I’VE BEEN FEELING GREAT EVERY DAY!!! I love my smoothies . . . I’ve been losing weight and feel like I’ve peeled an onion skin layer of fat off my body . . . I can feel it! Somehow my bra is not as snug and my muffin top doesn’t cast as long a shadow, and my mood is better.

~ Kristin Laymon

I’ve been vegan for many years, an overweight one at that, and I’ve been struggling to lose weight. I didn’t realize what sugar has been doing to me — my body, my affect, my self concept… my skin! amazing, but I never realized how toxic I had become. 49 pounds down… 79 more to go. (That is an entire person.) Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a voice of comfort and reason.

~ Kelly Moore Arnold

Still not sure if the Cravings Cure Course is right for you?

You’re interested, but you may still have questions about joining the Cravings Cure. Here are the answers to some of the common questions I get. . .

Q. I’ve tried group diet programs like Weight Watchers before, and it didn’t work for me. What makes this different?

A: Traditional diet groups haven’t worked because they don’t offer the deep-dive, on-call, supportive atmosphere of the CCC. They recommend refined, packaged snacks and count calories. We will fall in love with real, simple, delicious food and stop obsessing over grams, calories, and will power.

Q. Why do I need a group program? Can’t I just talk with Alex?

A: Transformation happens from a place of honesty, as my mentors once told me. And it’s hard to show up as the authentic YOU every day. You have to show up, vulnerable and honest, with consistency. A supportive group of other women who are doing the same pulls you forward — powerfully.

Q. How will coming to NYC in June help me on this journey?

A: This retreat will be transformative, fun, and high-impact. On the phone we’ll make magic happen in your life and your body. Together and in-person, we’ll shift back and forth from the soul-level spiritual to the strategic. We’ll get real, clear, and courageous. . . and have a boat-load of fun! Prepare for some delightful surprises that will change how you think and open your heart

Q. Do I have time for this course?

A. Of course. The coaching calls and material are spread out over 4 months. You’ll make steady progress by working on your obstacles over time. Whatever you do, don’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse. Your health and your life are too important. If you have time to run to the store to pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s — you have time for the Cravings Cure.

Q. Are you qualified to give advice?

A. Yes. My name is Alexandra Jamieson, but please, call me Alex. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and author of The Great American Detox Diet, Vegan Cooking for Dummies, and Living Vegan for Dummies. I’ve been on Oprah, CNN and MSNBC, and I write for Dr. Oz’s and The Huffington Post. In the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s 30-Day McDonald’s binge wreaked havoc on his body, and I used my holistic approach to undo the damage.

I’ve been coaching women through their health obstacles for years now. I’ve been called the Cravings Whisperer. And I can help you become YOUR OWN Cravings Whisperer.

When I signed on here for the group program, I did with both great excitement and great anxiety! I knew I needed structure and support in my decision to live the gift that is my life to its fullest. And with very unsure steps I started down this path. From my initial steps entering this group and the opportunity for growth it has given me, I find my legs are not quite as shaky, I am gaining more strength in all levels of my life. It is just wonderful to feel happy and to feel my confidence growing!

~ Marsi M.

Remember: this group is limited to only 24 individuals, to make sure every single member of the Cravings Cure Course gets the most out of these 4 months.

Those spots WILL go quickly.

If you know you want in, then sign up now, before those spots fill up.

Here’s a reminder of what you get. . .

  • 8 Private, 1-on-1 Calls with Alex
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls with Alex + Special Guest Experts
  • 4 Private 15-Minute Laser Calls with Alex
  • Access to Our Private Community
  • Accountability Partner
  • Your Personalized Detox Plan
  • And 4 awesome bonuses:
    • Copies of all 3 of Alex’s books
    • Recipes, meal plans, and food strategies
    • A sampling of CV Skinlabs products
    • Your ticket to the 1-day LIVE Cravings Cure event in June in New York City


Your investment for the Cravings Cure Course and all the beautiful changes you’re about to experience is only $2800.

You’ll make a $1187.50 downpayment to secure your spot (with 3 payments of $537.50 that start upon registration and charge every 30 days).

Want in?

To ending the cravings war and living well!

Alex Jamieson

I believe Alex and this group is life changing for me. It’s enabled me to make commitments to change some bad habits and create new habits. The process was just perfect for me as its eased me into exploration of different foods and healthy eating and thinking. I don’t want to stop.

~ Kristin, San Jose, CA

I learned to take responsibility for my triggers, and get off wheat! I loved the community sharing. And Alex your gentleness and non-judgement is so special.

~ Robin, Cincinnati

P.S. It can be all too easy to lose sight of what you really want for your life when you spend so much time beating yourself up for giving in to your cravings, or feeling embarrassed about your body.

It’s easy to say, “I’ve tried everything. I still don’t have the body I want. I’m exhausted. I give up.”

But when it comes to your dreams?

When it comes to that craving for a feeling of complete wellness?

When it comes to having not just the body, but the life you’ve always wanted?

When it comes to having the health, well-being, and freedom to be your absolute, wholly authentic self?

Don’t ever give up.

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