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Creation 2020 Retreats

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


Come away from your busy life for a few hours, or a few days, to get clear and set your feet on the path forward.

You’re ready to get clear, and confidently create, the things that matter most. Let’s make it happen, together:

3-day In-Person Group at Red Rock Resort & Spa in Las Vegas: May 29-31 (Limit 10 Womxn)

These retreats are designed to help you take action, reclaim your energy, power, and refocus on what truly matters in your lifetime.

I believe that finding your community and building your relationships with people who you “vibe with,” is one of the most important things you can do on the path to creative self-expression.

I’ve met some of the most important people in my life through intentional retreats and workshops, and offer these gatherings to serve your journey.

Talk with Alex here to register:

Alex with Rich Creatrix 2019 Retreat Participants

The Creation 2020 Retreats will help you clear the way to what you want most:

  • business growth
  • relationship and love healing
  • community growth and collaborative partnership
  • personal transformation
  • ease, health, and a deep connection to your self-knowing…

And this work is about 85% mental-spiritual-emotional, 15% strategy.

The mental resistance, ego, or “b!tch bra!n” struggles of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs are the main challenges we face in bringing our unique work to the world in a way that supports us abundantly.

To reach the level of success and satisfaction we desire, we must engage with and heal some deeply personal stuff. It requires a new set of habits and ways of being, what I call Success Energetics, for us to achieve something that feels real and satisfying.

Alyssa Patmos: Retreat and Coaching Participant
Cristie Ritz-King: Retreat and Coaching Participant

In our time together, whichever retreat option you choose, I will guide us through illuminating, clarifying, and healing processes:

Create Time: When you decide to dedicate a little time to your work, your worth, and your vision, you’ll be amazed at how much more you’re able to accomplish. We will look at how you’re spending your time, where you can drop “obligations” (and how to do it, without a lot of drama), and what steps are most important to take next.

Create Health & Energy: We will have group discussions and exercises to help you align your habits and actions with your authentic desires. We will experience fun body-connecting movement practices, and decide on personal nourishment goals.

Create Clarity: A lot of our time will be spent between self-inquiry (writing, speaking, art projects) that help you see and re-write your story. Once you’re able to see the impact of your life’s events, and how you retell it to yourself, you’ll be supported in making new choices that align with where you’re going, not where you’ve been stuck.

Create Community: My retreats are lovingly designed to help you show up fully and speak your truth in the group. For some of you, speaking on a group call will be pushing your edge, so the virtual retreat will feel good to you. For others, you desire a bigger step and want the in-person collective energy of the Red Rock Vegas retreat. I can tell you that letting down your guards and protective barriers is an important part of the process to create your life and work effectively. I am here to hold the space for your safety, clarity, and connection.

Create Self-Confidence: Finally, these experiences are designed to help you see and own your strengths, values, and connect to the importance of your desires. I can tell you that the self-confidence past attendees feel is real, and long-lasting.

Through our self-inquiry practices, group coaching, and more, we’ll dive into and begin to master:

The Creatrix Method Foundations

Here’s the great news: Once you decide to show up, the growth begins.

To register for any (or all!) of these Creation 2020 retreats, let’s you and I speak in person.

Go here to choose a time on my calendar so that we can talk about your vision, what’s blocking you from moving forward, and which retreat (or retreats) are the best fit

Space is limited:

  • 1-Day In-Person Group in NYC: Thurs, March 19th (3 spots left)
  • 1/2 Day Virtual Group: Sunday, March 22nd (3 spots left)
  • 3-day In-Person Group at Red Rock Resort: May 29-31 (10 spots open)

Sign up here for more info, or go to my calendar for a private chat now: