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29 The Secret Connection of Health, Art and Expressing Creativity with Cynthia Morris

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The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

When struggling to find a passionate creative drive, we all come up short some days… but how often do we consider the effect this has on our health?

Today I’m doing something a little different. I thought it’d be really fun to have Cynthia Morris on the show.

Cynthia is a rare breed of author, illustrator and performer. She is the brilliant mind behind Chasing Sylvia Beach, a fast-paced, intriguing romantic fantasy.

In this episode Cynthia teaches us how to accept and express the artist we were born to be. We dissect what keeps us from our best writing and our electric creativity.

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Now let’s connect our body and physical desires.

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Show Notes:

  • The important creative risks which propelled Cynthia’s journey
  • Exploring living your creative edge
  • The importance of being engaged with what you do
  • How Cynthia failed art, yet began writing… at 14 years old
  • Who Cynthia serves and how
  • Revealing the connection between Cynthia’s health and creativity
  • Making wise choices = Energy and feeling alive
  • About the importance of mastering the writing process
  • The secret behind finding your sweet spot
  • Self doubt.. why we suffer from it
  • Self-confidence, self-trust and achieving our life desires
  • Why we love being in an intuitive state

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  • Exploring ebb and flow
  • Play, exploration and health – Let’s get that creative juice flowing!
  • The difference between being creative and being an artist
  • Why we should just do it! Hint: The rush to market stifles us!
  • The intimate link between sexual and creative impulse
  • On surrendering to artistry and a higher source
  • Inspirational quotes by influential creatives
  • Why we should continue learning (try the ukulele with me!)
  • The impact of addictive behaviors on our creativity
  • What are Writual Blessing Cards?
  • How writing is a gate way drug: It’s a tool to know yourself better, gain confidence and trust yourself

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