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Don’t Let Your Fire Go Out

Hi, I’m Alex!

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I wrote this for your impatient heart…from mine.

This is to get you out of your overthinking head, and into soul-centered action.

This is a call from The Universe to go for your passions, and not lose your inner fire that’s still burning.


My mom and one of my best friends both died in early 2014.

It was devastating and sad.

One aspect of grief I didn’t know about is the deep sadness in losing someone’s unsung potential.


Both women, my mom Annabeth, and my friend Annie, were like living libraries.

Each woman a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

They were both artists and healers.

And they both had so much more left to teach and share.


Tears are coming to my eyes just typing this.


I know the sadness of the empty spaces left in The Universe by someone’s untapped potential, their undone work, their canvases left to be filled.


This sadness has permeated my life, since childhood.

My mom’s younger sister, Jena, took her own life when I was only 3 or 4.

An aching sadness filled my mom at times as she remembered her sister and the creative works she never got to bring into life.


Did you know the people around you feel this way when you don’t pursue your passions, too?


Did you know that there is a little bit of grief, not just in yourself, but the world around you, when your designs are thrown out by your rational mind?


Do you feel how your inner fire is suffocated when you stop breathing life into your creativity?

All of these things we do to avoid bringing our desires to life end up hurting us:

  • We overeat, emotionally eat, gorge on junk that keeps us spaced-out
  • We overstimulate ourselves with alcohol, drugs, or shopping
  • We overwork, under-communicate, over-schedule
  • We feel dim, defeated, foggy, angry, frustrated
  • We get sick, worn out, exhausted


In short, you can go for your life, or you can die.

I’m not kidding.

This is THAT important.

I’ve seen it happen. Women I’ve known, very close to me, have sabotaged themselves to such an extreme degree that they hurt their bodies in countless ways, losing their vitality, rather than taking the brave steps to go for their lives.


Does this resonate?


Losing my mom and Annie, and by extension my Aunt Jena, has giving me a lense on life that you must look through now:


Do not let your gifts, talents, and unique voice languish.



I don’t want you to suffer in silence, eeking your way through this short existence, without bringing your vision to life.


It’s unnecessary.

It’s sad – for all of us. For you.

Life is too short. You don’t need to carry that sadness around anymore.

Don’t wait.


The only thing keeping you from doing what you dream of is a voice in your head.  Resistance.

I can help you drown out that voice with the divine voice of your soul, which is actually Life or The Universe or God/dess speaking through you.


This is big stuff.

If you find your fingers itching to write me, itching to reach out for support and mentoring…



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