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65 Elizabeth DiAlto – Selfish Boundaries For The Common Good

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Elizabeth DiAlto on The Cravings Whisperer with Alexandra Jamieson

The Cravings Whisperer Podcast with Alexandra Jamieson

Today I’m talking to longtime friend and founder of Wild Soul Movement, Elizabeth DiAlto. Elizabeth has a really honest and grounded approach to self help, spirituality, and movement. What I love is that Wild Soul Movement is not about counting calories or losing weight, it’s about getting into your own body and connecting with your physicality. Her mission to redefine and reclaim womanhood is just something I can get behind. And get this, she has a beautiful new book out called Untame Yourself.

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“One of the ways to find peace with your body is to begin to honor your body for the absolute sacred miracle it is.” -Elizabeth DiAlto (Click to Tweet)

Show Notes:

  • Why being a personal trainer wasn’t enough
  • Why she started working in instead of working out
  • Why we often don’t realize we have control issues
  • The difference between paying attention and listening to your body
  • How to honor your body
  • Why women who have given birth should not loathe their bodies

“Disentangling my identity from my physical appearance was a big thing.” -Elizabeth DiAlto (Click to Tweet)

  • How to use your body to navigate life
  • How to get beyond feeling selfish
  • The importance of having a safe space to be yourself
  • The difference between discernment and judgment
  • Why we have to unlearn to apologize
  • Why we crave love

“It’s a lie by omission to pretend that we are something that we’re not.” -Elizabeth DiAlto (Click to Tweet)

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“A lot of this is about having so much more energy available to you by being truthful and honest about who you are and what you want.” -Elizabeth DiAlto (Click to Tweet)