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215: Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland

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The mind-body connection is a hot topic today, but there is much more to this phenomenon than you probably realize. In today’s show, we are talking positive psychology, positive mindset, and positive movement. We’re diving deep into a new book written by a great friend!

Erin Stutland is a holistic wellness expert and cheerleader in my life. Her new book, Mantras in Motion, is the distillation of many years of work in helping people harness the physical, spiritual, and mental energy in service of what they want. Erin shares how to become more mindful and stay in the moment to cut off negative thinking. She’ll teach us some cool journaling exercises and motivational mantras to use while we move. Her book isn’t merely words on pages but can inject energy into your life!

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Show Highlights:

    • How the last 10-15 years of Erin’s life have been the inspiration for her book
    • Why she’s always felt connected to movement, especially regarding mental health
    • How the book teaches us to take positive thoughts (affirmations and mantras) and say them aloud in movement
    • The history of thought and movement together
    • How the practices in the book help readers get clear on desires
    • Core values, what you want, and how you want to feel
    • How motions are paired with mantras in Erin’s book
    • Why you should give yourself permission to approach discomfort in a playful, childlike way
    • The power of the words that you can FEEL in your body
    • Alex’s favorite mantra: Take inspired action
    • The journaling exercises in the book
    • How to write a letter to the universe when you feel stuck and don’t have an answer for what to do next
    • How the exercise helped Erin make a decision at a pivotal moment
    • “Cultivating courage”–connecting to yourself through moving your body is like tapping into a friend
    • How Mantras in Motion can help those who teach and coach—especially with stage fright!
    • Creating a new story around the times we are afraid
    • How taking action in the face of fear helps you cultivate change
    • How someone with a limited range of motion can use Mantras in Motion
    • Erin’s 14-day plan
    • What Erin loves about success stories is when someone who hated working out and moving learns to love it

Resources:  Find Erin’s book and other resources

Mantras in Motion by Erin Stutland

Find Erin on Instagram:  @erin.stutland