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How She Finally Fell In Love (With Her Body)


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“When will I finally feel good in my own skin? When will I get to “self-love?”

I feel like I’ve been trying forever?”


Turns out, she had it backwards. Most of us do.

Last week I took my client K, a super successful woman at the top of her field, mom to two cute kids, loving her great husband, on a powerful journey…


…I call it the Warrior Walk.


Instead of sitting in her chair for our bi-weekly appointment, I asked K to be outside, walking, while we spoke on the phone.


As she moved, I guided her through a powerful walking meditation to connect with her body and soul. Her brain, or “ego,” was distracted enough by the walking so that her higher self, or “soul,” could more easily speak.


As her body relaxed into the movement, her truth came out.


“Why don’t I trust my body? Why don’t I take better care of her? Why don’t I love her?”


These were the questions that K so fiercely wanted to answer. She knows the struggle within herself is keeping her from truly enjoying her life and from finding even greater levels of success.

And through a surprising twist of questions, listening, and movement, the answer arrived:

I love you already, K.

I accept you fully.

K’s body told her the truth: she had it backward.

Her body already loves her completely.

Through each pregnancy, her body miraculously produced love and a child.

Through each illness and stressful life event, K’s body healed and grew strong again.

Through every downturn, her body knew what to do to heal.


In short, K’s body is a miraculous machine, who only loves her.


When the answer came through so strong and clear, K found a new level of love and admiration for herself, for her body, that she had never felt before. There were tears. There was insight, calm, and connection with her true self.


That’s the power of Body + Soul Coaching.


This level of coaching is for you if:

You’re a high-achieving woman (or identify as a woman) with a lot on her plate, and many more dreams to accomplish. You’re ready for highly-personalized, flexible, and tailor-made coaching.


You want a professional, proven, master-level coach who can pivot easily from food planning to emotional eating, mindset to success coaching, or from sex and romance to how to effectively communicate your desires. All with a dash of humor and woo-woo.


If you’re ready, you’ll feel the pull. A magnetic force within, telling you it’s time.


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