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PSST: Want to work together more closely?


A message from my soul to yours…

Hi, I’m Alex!

If you need a little help to start playing by your own rules, there’s a few ways we can work together more closely.


In the face of challenges, and in spite of difficulties, please remember that you’re on a beautiful path to a sure thing:

Knowing your true self, connecting to your soul.

You’re in the part of the transformation process where old, low-vibe fears and toxic habits of feeling come up to the surface.

They want to move out. Your soul is asking for healing.

It feels uncomfortable to see them, face, them, feel them, but you’re in the right place and right time.


You’re experiencing the reaction to this, and you want to suppress the discomfort through fight, flight, or freeze.


But the struggle against the healing wears you down.

Eventually you enter the phase where you see the old habits are just that – old and tired.

They don’t work anymore.

You’re finally ready to let them go.


Sugar and alcohol aren’t even that interesting.

Reality TV isn’t a reliable escape.

Gambling or shopping don’t provide the buzz and elation they used too.


The old habits feel dumb. You are ready for true progress. True healing.

Just Truth, when you think about it.


The old way is filled with fear and gaps.

The new way is fast and interconnected.


Your life works by new rules.

Old thinking patterns start to dissolve, and you begin to question how you’ve been doing things.


You start to let go, allowing yourself to be carried by the flow of This Moment.

You start examining your thoughts with curiosity, feeling a bit weird, but willing to do it differently.


You start to slowly, bit by bit, release old struggles, and glimpse a new way of living.

A new reality.

And it feels good.

And it motivates you to keep going. To keep trying.

Even when it’s messy.


You will have missteps. Trips. Falls.

So it’s helpful to hear from someone else that you can and must keep going.

So I’ll tell you, as one who has been deeply engaged in this soul work for 20+ years:

You must keep going.


Whenever you get stuck, flail, or fail, remember that:


  1. As you keep on this path of self-discovery, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen. Once you start, there’s no going back. Your pivots and healing will happen faster and the setbacks won’t last as long. You can count on the momentum of the Universe, the waves, and the earth to help you move along, even when you feel like you can’t do it for yourself. Trust that it’s happening. Relax into the current.
  2. I’m here with you. We’re all in this together. Including me. Especially me. Truly. Keep connecting with people who are aware of the healing journey we’re all on. Remember that your story of aloneness is a false tale, which you can rewrite, right now.

Feel free to share this with someone you love.


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