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The First Step to Becoming the Lady Boss of Your Life? Get clear on the “hell no’s” so you can start creating the life you really want

The Fuck It List is your sassy, strong guide to creating a life free of fucks and filled with what you actually want to do.

The pages of the Fuck It List are filled with truth, permission, love and guidance to to help you unload the heavy shit you’ve been carrying around so you can move forward in your life. The Fuck It List is your personalized rule book: the things you wont’ do anymore because they’re killing you.

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I'm a busy mum of two, who struggles to find the time to think about what mindsets and behaviours still serve me... and the things that I'd like to let go of. The Fuck It List helped me get clarity on this in under an hour, and begin to make changes immediately. Now, I feel light as a feather."

Kate Bell