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211 Happy Menopause with Dr. Anna Cabeca

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Happy Menopause—is that really how we think of it? Let’s be real and say that menopause and its symptoms are NOT the things we look forward to! In honor of February, when we’re focusing on self-love and women’s pleasure, we are diving deep into all the aspects of menopause and learning that it really CAN be a happy (and healthy!) time for women.

Dr. Anna Cabeca is a dear friend, our most repeated guest, and an expert on women’s hormones and libido. Today, she’s letting us in on the secrets to be happy and healthy during menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. Dr. Anna shares how to eat for hormone balance, along with supplements and products to try. The field of sexual health, sexuality, and generally “feeling good” has so many important factors for women. Join me for this conversation with Dr. Anna and learn what you can do to get your crazy hormones back on track!

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  Show Highlights:

    • Dr. Anna’s newest book, The Hormone Fix, out on February 26
    • Why hormones are so important and foundational to women’s health
    • Perimenopausal symptoms: night sweats, menstrual irregularities, irritability, discontent, restless legs, heart palpitations, and more
    • Why women are confused about hormones—and how to fix them!
    • Things we can do on a daily basis to balance hormones:
      • Live in an alkaline state (we need greens in our diet)
      • Check urinary pH and learn what works for your body
    • How lifestyle, genetics, inflammation, stress, and diet can affect pH
    • Dr. Anna’s diet tip: start the day with a keto green shake that includes a healthy fat, a healthy protein, and grains
    • Easy ways to incorporate greens into your diet
    • How oxytocin levels are affected by stress levels
    • How Dr. Anna experienced trauma at the loss of her son and changed her mindset by asking, “How do I do this?”
    • How she helps people improve relationships with their sexuality
    • How we can change as we age and rewire our thoughts and habits
    • Why it’s important to start each day with some small changes and the right fuel
    • Andropause–the decline of testosterone in men (Yes–men DO experience a sort of “menopause”)
    • The physical changes in men and women that affect relationships
    • Changes in libido and how to confront those by scheduling sex
    • The secondary sexual response in women
    • Dr. Anna’s success story with her dad’s health, how she alkalinized his body, and the secrets he gave for a long, happy marriage




    The Hormone Fix by Anna Cabeca